Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 93: Bible Bashing

Barbara got baptized and Brother Filo baptized her

Monday, August 28, 2017

'Twas a fun week! Haha, someone was trying to tell us that we have a different gospel. He was Bible bashing with us and wanted us to come back to "contend" with the scriptures.. We did catch him up on some things though! 

Anyway, those situations always always strengthen my testimony that this is Christ's one and only church.

We got a change of Presidency here last week (I don't know if I mentioned that before) and President Currier is the new one. It was interesting to find out that his wife was not a member. 

We had a cool Branch Council, though. Looks like President Currier was a school teacher as he gave out "homework".

We drove up to Cambridge and walked all through town in a circle and found 2 potential investigators. They were going to come to church, but didn't, so we will have to go back there and followup.

We had to move Gary and Clarence's baptism date back one week because we have a mission Conference on the 16th and the women of several stakes are meeting for something... Gary and Clarence are doing great though. We have done some family history work and found out some of their family member names. The family history consultant is going to help them more on it.

We finally got to meet with this one media referral who wanted a bible. His name is John. It was interesting because his dad was a former investigator. Anyway, we will be meeting with him in the future unknown because he has a crazy schedule.

Oh yeah, we have Hog Days this weekend and we are going to eat some nice food haha. So that will be fun! Kewanee likes to say that it was the hog capital of the world before.

Haha, we had a fun time teaching this one woman the Restoration and Plan of Salvation mixup lesson. When we mentioned that all the baptisms that were done without God's authority (meaning pretty much all the baptisms from circa 100-1830AD) were not valid for God (but still good for those people if it made them follow Jesus more), she flipped! "Are you kidding me?" Was her response. Haha, but we explained it to her. Elder Schramm said a beautiful prayer for her and her situation she was in and she started crying. We are meeting with her again tomorrow morning. So, that will be fun.

We are having deer roast tonight! Yummy!

Oh yeah, Barbara was baptized on Saturday. I had found her correct address and started teaching her a few months ago. I couldn't go over there as it was 2.5 hours driving and couldn't find anybody to drive us over there. But, I am glad that Brother Filio got to baptize her as it is better to have a good friend in the ward do it rather than a missionary.

Oh, and I have 13 weeks left on my mission!! Crazy!

Elder Kloosterboer

Elder Christensen with Barbara

Cool night picture taken by Elder Schramm's camera

Huge Spider

I killed the spider with wasp killer and it is still big...

Lots of rain!

Something killed a rabbit right next to our front door....

Washing my hair in the crazy rain. It was fun!

Weird bug