Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 90: Princeton

Me by the corn field!
 Monday, August 7, 2017

It was a crazy week this week. We ended up going to Princeton thrice. It is 60 miles round trip! Anyway, we are going to be teaching a part Member family there and they want to be sealed together! They were taught before, but the teaching records didn't end up moving to our AreaBook after the branch there closed and merged with us and other wards around. We are teaching them this week. They are feeding us this week too. Very nice!

We were visiting one of the members there who is going through some medical problems right now and we talked to his brother's granddaughter who we are now teaching, too.

We had found two new investigators, Gary and Clarence on our first real day here and Gary came to church this week. He really liked it and there were people there who already knew him. He is adorable haha. He is probably in his upper 70s or lower 80s. His brother was going to come too, but he was sick. 

We stopped by this one person on the way back from visiting a "branch missionary". She had last talked to missionaries earlier this year, but they forgot about her, but we found her and she wants to talk. She is going to call us next week or so after she has finished up some things. She has a cool organ! Here is the picture.

So, my last companion, Elder Kelly, went home two weeks ago and so did a lot of other missionaries. Anyway, one of those returned missionaries got involved in a car wreck and died last Saturday. It was crazy! We got a text about it and then we're asked to look at our email. Tyler Hinckley served here in this ward a year ago and he went to the temple 2 weeks ago to see a sealing of some members who were baptized by him. 

It is sad, but from the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation we have, we can have good cheer. We can know that Elder Hinckley is serving another mission in the spirit world and can rest from worldly cares. 

The Plan of Salvation is genius! I know that Heavenly Father came up with it and that he loves us. I know what the purpose of life is-to prepare to meet God and to have joy. I love Jesus. In the name of Jesus, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

Elder Schramm by the corn
View of the corn fields from our Branch President's road to his house
Dead Cicada
So many bushes. I don't think anyone lives here...

Fat bird wants food!