Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 89 Kewanee!

New Companion, Elder Schramm!

Monday, July 31, 2017

It was a great week! My new companion is Elder Schramm! He is from Heber City, UT. 
He is great and has a great memory!

Anyway, last Tuesday, I drove for so long. It ended up being around 4 hours. We were told to go to Normal which was "on the way".. yeah right! Haha. We had to go there because Elder Jeppson was left behind! Haha. It was nice to go down there, though because I got to talk to Howie and Sister Albrechtsen! They were the first people who had dinner with me in the mission field besides the mission home. 

Also, the speed limits are faster out in the country. Instead of 55, it is 70 and instead of 30 it is 40 or 45. So, that is nice.

We got home and it stinks! Haha the other elders didn't leave the house nice... But, we bought cleaning supplies and cleaned it throughout the week and today. 

Also, we go 40-50 minutes to District Meeting each week in Peoria (it is around 90 miles). 

It is a branch here so there are not many people who go to church. It was funny because the first song starts and Sister Morse stands up and points and kinda shouts, "Elders, there is no-one passing the Sacrament!" So, we went there, it was kinda funny, though! It went well, however.

Also, we visited lots of people in this area and we did a lot of blessings in just a few days. 3 on one day.

It is going to be a great transfer!


Elder Kloosterboer 

My last apartment - beautiful!

Cool highways in Naperville

The route we would have done

Nearly the same route we actually took

The windows by our study desks don't have blinds, so we made our own. Hehe

This darkness all of a sudden just swept above us. It was weird! 

Yay! Cheap milk out here in the wilderness. In the city it was hitting
over 2 bucks.