Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 87: My companion is going home...

On exchanges with Elder Squires
Monday, July 17, 2017

My companion, Elder Kelly goes home next week.... It is crazy! So I will find out if I this area will be whitewashed or if I stay...

I went on two exchanges this week but it is good to be back in my area mainly because our apartment has nice food, has a nice bed and is nice and clean. Hahaha.

We did do some service this week, though! That was fun. We moved some furniture for a less active member who has medical problems and then helped him put his ancestors to his grandparents in

We also fixed a gazebo. The woman, a less active member, had put it together mostly, but we figured out we had to switch sides for some things. That was fun!

We got a media referral on one day and as we get them, we get a text and an email. We heard the text come in and was about to look at it when someone calls us. Haha the person at a center in Missouri called us if we got it.... Well, we did haha let me take a look first haha! Anyway, good followup. We texted the person and let the woman on the phone know via text afterwards. We were going to teach the referral today, but he ended up going to Florida for a week due to work lol. So we are calling him next week.

Tomorrow we are going to a Brazilian place for dinner for a farewell dinner for Elder Kelly.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ by James Talmage. It is really good and goes over Jesus pre-mortally, mortally, and post-mortally. I have 2 chapters left. Something that was interesting that I read lately is this: "There are sects named from the circumstances of their origin--as the Church of England; others after their famous founders or promoters--as Lutheran, Calvinist, Wesleyan; some are known by peculiarities of doctrine or plan of administration--as Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregationalist; but down to the third decade of the nineteenth century there was no church on earth affirming name or title as the Church of Jesus Christ. The only organization called a church existing at that time and venturing to assert claim to authority by succession was the Catholic church, which for centuries had been apostate and wholly bereft of divine authority or recognition. If the “mother church” be without a valid priesthood, and devoid of spiritual power, how can her offspring derive from her the right to officiate in the things of God? Who would dare to affirm that man can originate a priesthood which God is bound to honor and acknowledge? Granted that men may and do create among themselves societies, associations, sects, and even “churches” if they choose so to designate their organizations; granted that they may prescribe rules, formulate laws, and devise plans of operation, discipline, and government, and that all such laws, rules, and schemes of administration are binding upon those who assume membership--granted all these rights and powers--whence can such human institutions derive the authority of the Holy Priesthood, without which there can be no Church of Christ?"

Something good to think about.

I know that JESUS IS THE CHRIST and that He loves us and that we knew Him before we came here; that He is our elder brother in the spirit and that He knows each of us very well. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

On exchanges, and I was in the bathroom and they took a pic... (Elder
Lloyd, Elder Clausse and Elder Gentry)
Crazy lightning storms

Crazy clouds
Crazy storm, looked green. No tornado came, though..
Chicago in the background in Arlington Heights area.