Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 86: Turtle and Fireworks! - part 1

We came across a turtle!

Monday, July 10, 2017

We had a nice Monday night last Monday. We were walking home and saw all these masses of people. They were heading the same way but passed our apartment to the golf course. The city had the fireworks going on at the golf course. They started around 9:30. So, we were just watching on our balcony. We had a perfect view! It was awesome!

We taught Erik this week and he had some interesting questions. But, he came to church and he thought it was good! Haha, he went to gospel doctrine and learned about the importance of ordinances. Lol. 

Barbara and Horace were sick so we couldn't meet with both this week nor could they come to church. But that is ok, Horace is feeling better now I think.

We talked to a Scottish lady as we were tracting. It was interesting to talk to her. She wasn't interested, but her neighbor (who is an active neighbor) has brought her to church before and we had a good chat with her.

I found out that some people just don't want to change and it is so hard to help them. But I guess we just need to wait for them to change and we can help by praying.

Oh and we visited a family and found out that, earlier in the day, they had a fire in their house. So, they are not allowed to stay there for three months until it is fixed. It is a blessing in disguise though because they get it fixed for free and it will be better as they had insurance. The reason why the fire started is because of some electrical wires. 

Also, they didn't have fire alarms and a girl sleeping awoke to put the fire out and to alert the people who were awake on the other side of the house. 

So, it was a good week.


Elder Kloosterboer

2017-07-10, Elder Kelly solved his rubric cube for the 

first time by himself (shapes instead of colors)!

A smaller turtle

Some cool swans

The bigger turtle we found