Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 79: Exchanges again

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello everyone!

This week I went on two exchanges. I went with Elder Gentry on Monday night to Tuesday night in his area, Arlington Heights 2. Haha, it was his first time driving in a while and I was definitely alert while he was driving.... haha. It was scary a bit. But, we are fine! Haha, he realized we had no gas left and we went to a gas station nearby. We were literally right there with 0 miles left, but we couldn't turn in on the side we were at because it had a line there, so we had to wait at the light forever and waste gas and we couldn't do a left turn into the gas station again, and we couldn't do a u turn, so we had to turn left later on, do a u turn, then go back towards the gas station. It was stressful haha, but we got there with gas left probably.

We had a good lesson with one of their investigators and I got some nice sweets. 

It's getting hot out here!

We ran out of gas nearly!

We got to the gas station with 0 miles left (it turned to 0 probably .3 miles back..)...

Some investigators were very nice and said we could get any sweets
from their cupboard and I showed interest in the Ferrero Rocherchocolates and they said to take them all... what!
Oh yeah.. some guy was trying to convince us we are all the same and I am Jesus and he is Jesus. Anyway, it is nice to have the Holy Ghost because he testifies of truths, and he was not testifying of those false things... haha. I know this gospel is so true!

I've also noticed that I say Craig the British way... in England you say Crayg but in America it is Creg. Haha-I've never noticed that until last week when we were looking for a former named Craig.

And, we saw this black dude walking along the path on the other side of the road and we were going to talk to him... but, he decided to go to a tree and pee on it... so, we didn't.. but, he was walking after that and he stopped in the middle of the street and I waved and Elder a kelly realized it was one of our investigators because he was wearing the same pants as yesterday (when he talked to him on exchanges). So we went after him and asked what was going on.. haha he is an interesting person.

Yeah so it was a good week. Have a nice day!


Elder Kloosterboer

Getting back on exchanges with Elder Squires (big guy at back);
Elder Kelly was with Elder Atkinson
These goose facts are so great! We applied them to the work of
salvation. (Sorry-forgot to take picture of fact 3).

Hey - an Eagle Scout parent

Made some smoothies

My desk

Our Area Map

Our supplies

The bedroom

The "Dinner Room"...  lol

The Lights

The plant in the corner with AC unit