Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 77: Hehe! Pranking Elder Kelly!

Elder Kelly and me!

Monday, May 8, 2017

It was a fun week this week. Last Monday night, Elder Mateski got to choose what to do for Elder Kelly as a prank with the Matos family. Anyway, we planned to have a surprise dinner with "nonmembers" hehe!

On our first day, we went to a lesson set up with Barbara and her son, Horace was there. So, we taught both of them and he became a new investigator. Another younger son (by over 20 years) was there, too, but he didn't really pay attention haha. Anyway, we invited them to church and arranged a ride and they came! They loved it and are coming again next week!

Haha, we were at the ward building and I was worried that Elder Kelly might see him, but Brother Matos was sneaky and hid behind another member hahaa! Brother Kitch had brought dinner for us there and, then, Brother Bob Lawrence needed some help with sorting papers. So, we were there longer than anticipated. It was nerve wrecking, until I found out Brother Matos left to help the Young Women down the street.

The next day we had District Meeting and there are only Elders in the district now and the Specialized Training Assistants are part of it in the Schaumburg Young Single Adult Branch. So it was good. Elder Kelly is the District Leader.

We went over to Brother Carr's home, and toward the end of the lesson, a woman comes to the door and she gives Brother Car some food to help him as he just came out of surgery. Anyway, I know it is Sister Matos as she runs back to the car and I ask Elder Kelly if he saw the member. He says no and that it wouldn't matter as he doesn't know the names of people (I made him think that I didn't see the Member). Hehe. Brother Carr just says a member came from the church, but she told him she was playing a prank on the new missionary later that day.

Anyway, though some sneaky things, we go to Bartlett (where the Matos family live) and start tracting in an area and I guide him to the Matos family home and tell him he has this one. He doesn't know they are members and they act as nonmembers. We just treat it as a normal door approach and Sister Matos says that we better come in or go away because the dogs were going crazy. So we come inside and they just so happen to have 2 pizzas because they like different toppings for their pizzas.. haha. We teach them the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we eat and they have valid concerns that nonmembers may have. Haha. We get to talking about how we call each other Brother and Sister in the church at around 45 minutes in when we are done eating dessert. Sister Matos says, "Oh and I am Sister Matos."

"And I am Brother Matos, second counselor of the Bishopric." Hahaha! Elder Kelly didn't realize it until he said second counselor though haha. It was hilarious!

We visited Brother Carr later that week and he asked what it was all about haha.

We found some other new investigators, too. We did a lot of Biking this week, too and it has been a while since I have biked properly, so I am improving..

Oh and we are running in the mornings now! So that is good. I was getting a little too fat..

Oh and we had a Face2Face on Sunday where we were asked questions. It was pretty good. It turns out all the middle aged returned missionaries married someone they met on their mission.. lol!
That was the week! We have Zone Conference this week.


Elder Kloosterboer

Do Not Stop On Tracks... hahaha!

When we want to go to Bartlett when we don't have the car and don't
have a ride and don't want to go biking... lol, the route goes out themission!