Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 80: October Preview

You may not notice, but I was soaking wet in this picture!

Monday, May 29, 2017

It was a pretty great week! Haha, but we biked a lot. It was fun! One day we were soaking wet from rain, the day after, by sweat... haha! I decided I don't want to go biking in the rain without some sort of water proof/resistance for my legs.

We had a training on Weekly Planning this week. It was pretty good. It was done by the Specialized Training Assistants. They are actually in our district, too. It was a good training because they demoed steps and then we did them right then and there. They gave us 2 hours of time total for the whole thing, so some people were finished and others were not. 

We had a lesson with one of investigators who was sick before, but is feeling better now. We had just had the training on one of the steps about getting referrals from everyone, so it popped in my head to ask her if she knew anyone who would be interested. She said that one of her neighbors, a really nice friend of her who helps her a lot, may be interested. So, we went there right after. The friend's name is Gigi and she is super nice! We had a nice talk and are going to teach her on the second Friday of June.

Oo! On Gospel Library, there is a sneak preview for the October Ensign (https://www.lds.org/ensign/2017/10/the-triumph-and-glory-of-the-lamb-doctrine-and-covenants-76-in-its-historical-context?lang=eng)  It is about Heaven and Hell and the revelation about it in historical context. Anyone reading this should read it. It is probably only like a 10 minute reading.

Anyway, I know that God loves us and that there is a plan of salvation for us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

American flags for Memorial Day!

When you have to drop someone who is just not willing to keep commitments... 

and has been taught 100%... (I erased the notes for the picture)

Hey - I found a pic from Seminary

Disgusting AC unit

Our nice clean AC unit! (We had to take it apart by sliding it out.Then we washed the grease off...)

Yummy Strawberry French Toast

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 79: Exchanges again

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello everyone!

This week I went on two exchanges. I went with Elder Gentry on Monday night to Tuesday night in his area, Arlington Heights 2. Haha, it was his first time driving in a while and I was definitely alert while he was driving.... haha. It was scary a bit. But, we are fine! Haha, he realized we had no gas left and we went to a gas station nearby. We were literally right there with 0 miles left, but we couldn't turn in on the side we were at because it had a line there, so we had to wait at the light forever and waste gas and we couldn't do a left turn into the gas station again, and we couldn't do a u turn, so we had to turn left later on, do a u turn, then go back towards the gas station. It was stressful haha, but we got there with gas left probably.

We had a good lesson with one of their investigators and I got some nice sweets. 

It's getting hot out here!

We ran out of gas nearly!

We got to the gas station with 0 miles left (it turned to 0 probably .3 miles back..)...

Some investigators were very nice and said we could get any sweets
from their cupboard and I showed interest in the Ferrero Rocherchocolates and they said to take them all... what!
Oh yeah.. some guy was trying to convince us we are all the same and I am Jesus and he is Jesus. Anyway, it is nice to have the Holy Ghost because he testifies of truths, and he was not testifying of those false things... haha. I know this gospel is so true!

I've also noticed that I say Craig the British way... in England you say Crayg but in America it is Creg. Haha-I've never noticed that until last week when we were looking for a former named Craig.

And, we saw this black dude walking along the path on the other side of the road and we were going to talk to him... but, he decided to go to a tree and pee on it... so, we didn't.. but, he was walking after that and he stopped in the middle of the street and I waved and Elder a kelly realized it was one of our investigators because he was wearing the same pants as yesterday (when he talked to him on exchanges). So we went after him and asked what was going on.. haha he is an interesting person.

Yeah so it was a good week. Have a nice day!


Elder Kloosterboer

Getting back on exchanges with Elder Squires (big guy at back);
Elder Kelly was with Elder Atkinson
These goose facts are so great! We applied them to the work of
salvation. (Sorry-forgot to take picture of fact 3).

Hey - an Eagle Scout parent

Made some smoothies

My desk

Our Area Map

Our supplies

The bedroom

The "Dinner Room"...  lol

The Lights

The plant in the corner with AC unit

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 78: Last Skype Call Home

Mothers Day Skype call

Monday, May 15, 2017

Well I got to Skype my family yesterday and that was fun! My mom was at Sarah Carpenter's home and Sarah was on Skype with them, too, so we said hello. Haha.

Lots of people were at church, too. They had to open up the dividers for the first time I have been here. However, no investigators were present.

Anyway, not too much time left. So that was the week. Have a great week everyone!


Elder Kloosterboer

What a mean sister I have!!!! ;)

Lots and lots of rain

The Zone

You can pay and select in McDonalds

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 77: Hehe! Pranking Elder Kelly!

Elder Kelly and me!

Monday, May 8, 2017

It was a fun week this week. Last Monday night, Elder Mateski got to choose what to do for Elder Kelly as a prank with the Matos family. Anyway, we planned to have a surprise dinner with "nonmembers" hehe!

On our first day, we went to a lesson set up with Barbara and her son, Horace was there. So, we taught both of them and he became a new investigator. Another younger son (by over 20 years) was there, too, but he didn't really pay attention haha. Anyway, we invited them to church and arranged a ride and they came! They loved it and are coming again next week!

Haha, we were at the ward building and I was worried that Elder Kelly might see him, but Brother Matos was sneaky and hid behind another member hahaa! Brother Kitch had brought dinner for us there and, then, Brother Bob Lawrence needed some help with sorting papers. So, we were there longer than anticipated. It was nerve wrecking, until I found out Brother Matos left to help the Young Women down the street.

The next day we had District Meeting and there are only Elders in the district now and the Specialized Training Assistants are part of it in the Schaumburg Young Single Adult Branch. So it was good. Elder Kelly is the District Leader.

We went over to Brother Carr's home, and toward the end of the lesson, a woman comes to the door and she gives Brother Car some food to help him as he just came out of surgery. Anyway, I know it is Sister Matos as she runs back to the car and I ask Elder Kelly if he saw the member. He says no and that it wouldn't matter as he doesn't know the names of people (I made him think that I didn't see the Member). Hehe. Brother Carr just says a member came from the church, but she told him she was playing a prank on the new missionary later that day.

Anyway, though some sneaky things, we go to Bartlett (where the Matos family live) and start tracting in an area and I guide him to the Matos family home and tell him he has this one. He doesn't know they are members and they act as nonmembers. We just treat it as a normal door approach and Sister Matos says that we better come in or go away because the dogs were going crazy. So we come inside and they just so happen to have 2 pizzas because they like different toppings for their pizzas.. haha. We teach them the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we eat and they have valid concerns that nonmembers may have. Haha. We get to talking about how we call each other Brother and Sister in the church at around 45 minutes in when we are done eating dessert. Sister Matos says, "Oh and I am Sister Matos."

"And I am Brother Matos, second counselor of the Bishopric." Hahaha! Elder Kelly didn't realize it until he said second counselor though haha. It was hilarious!

We visited Brother Carr later that week and he asked what it was all about haha.

We found some other new investigators, too. We did a lot of Biking this week, too and it has been a while since I have biked properly, so I am improving..

Oh and we are running in the mornings now! So that is good. I was getting a little too fat..

Oh and we had a Face2Face on Sunday where we were asked questions. It was pretty good. It turns out all the middle aged returned missionaries married someone they met on their mission.. lol!
That was the week! We have Zone Conference this week.


Elder Kloosterboer

Do Not Stop On Tracks... hahaha!

When we want to go to Bartlett when we don't have the car and don't
have a ride and don't want to go biking... lol, the route goes out themission!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 76: Dispensations video

Little Babies

Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello everyone!

We have been using this really cool video a lot lately. It is pretty new and talks about Dispensations and Apostasy.

One of the kids of the ward brought his friend to church. He liked it and is coming next week. 

We also had a linger longer (food after church) so that was nice.

We taught Yolanda and her two sons this week too. The sons have questions about God and it was a good lesson. We teach them Saturdays now and they were going to come to church yesterday, but something came up.

We did teach Barbara, too and she really wants the Gospel in her life. We got a lot of rain on Saturday and her apartment place got flooded so she was sad that she could't come to church.

Oh and it is transfer time. Elder Kelly is coming up here and Elder Mateski is going to Havana with Elder Wiser. I will be "District Monkey" (District Leader's companion) again. So, that will be interesting. It's been a while.

I know that God loves us and that he wants us to have joy. That's the whole reason to the Plan of Happiness. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer