Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 75: Do Not Contact

Pretty tree

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello everyone!

We were walking around and going to less active members' homes that we didn't know anything about and found out a lot of them were do not contacts... lol. We had some fun experiences with that. One guy was Hugh or something. He had blood around his lips and on his thumb and was saying we 19 year olds take his religion away and he got really defensive. He was pretty old so it wasn't too scary. We just start leaving and he just gets really angry and starts swearing at us. He had just said he was Christian a few seconds and now he is overcome with the devil! It was surely interesting. He wasn't the member we were looking for, though, just the husband of one. But, we won't be going back there...

We also found out an address was off by 20, by asking neighbors, but he was also a "Do Not Contact" and referred to the church as his mother's. :/.

When you contact a name and by the number you have and find out Missionaries got that number over 12 years ago and the number belongs to a member! Anyway, that member is Yolanda and she was baptized in her teens but life happened and it was easy not to come to church. The rest of her family are not members and her husband is not interested, so it will be interesting. We went there with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Filio, though. He knows how to make people laugh, so we had some laughter... :)

Yes, so it was a good week!

The weather is nice!

Have a good week!


Elder Kloosterboer