Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 73: The Holy Spirit Guides

Playing the organ in the chapel. I can play 'The Time is Far Spent' with both hands now

Monday, April 10, 2017

Wow! It is Easter this Sunday; it was Palm Sunday yesterday. The church came out with 9 videos for Easter a couple weeks ago. 8 of the videos discuss principles of peace we can learn from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. They are great!

Something cool about it was that we decided to go to this big family of less active members and nonmembers. Anyway, we talked to a woman there who had just been praying 10 minutes prior to our coming... She has made some mistakes, but she is changing and repenting. God sent us to her and we showed the video about repentance and it really hit her. It was very moving to see how perfect it was for her. I can't describe it in words.

I can't say this enough, but this is truly God's work. The Holy Spirit actually guides. Another experience was that we were looking for a house, but it wasn't there. The number was 1901, but as we were heading back to the car, I had the impression to go to another house, 1907. It came to my mind that maybe the missionaries meant that home? We knocked on the door and found out it was true! Wow! We said we would come later that night and we did and talked to some other family members. They have questions about God's nature. 

Another time—again missionaries fault, but not entirely because it was weird how the house was situated—but we were at one place and a former investigator came to my mind, it wasn't his name, but the street he lived on. Anyway, I had the option of going right or left. Left looked less probable of where they would be. (This home couldn't be found on google maps.) but, I had the impression that I should go left and what's the harm. Anyway, it was correct. The only house there had the correct address. A side note—they have a grid system where they do #N### or west etc, but the address here just had the 3 numbers and no north or west. The road the house appeared it was on would have been west, but it was a north number.. so the address actually came from the other road. I looked later on Google Maps, and it doesn't recognize it haha. Anyway, I don't know if that makes sense, but there was a lady just about to enter the house. We said hey. She is a sister of the former investigator. She said she would come to church, but something came up. Anyway, she said her brother would be totally interested in our message, however he is in military school for 6 months.

Anyway, we had some fun stories this week. I KNOW this church is the church with the FULLNESS of the gospel and is CHRIST's CHURCH. The Spirit tells me it is true. This church actually makes sense.... it all makes sense! It is all so crazy! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

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