Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 72 BLOG: No more biking..

Monday, April 3, 2017


181 years ago today (April 3), Elijah came and restored the keys for sealing families together forever.

Anyway, it was a great General Conference! If you didn't watch it, watch it at 

We went on exchanges and I went to Schaumburg 2nd area with Elder Fia. It was nice because I got to drive "Mohanna" again, the Subaru Legacy 2017.

We went to an Asian restaurant and I had some nice curry. Yummy! Haha it was a little spicy and Elder Fia got some too, but he doesn't like spicy. Lol.

Another day, back with Elder Mateski, we were walking all day because Elder Mateski doesn't want to bike anymore. We nearly got killed too! We were crossing the intersection with lights and cars illuminating us, but we had dark clothing and this car honks at us and nearly splatters us. It was frightening! I don't know what was going through that person's mind..

Yup, so it was good week! 

Have a nice week!

Elder Kloosterboer