Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 69: Chi-Town

I can see Downtown Chicago

Monday, March 13, 2017

Good week! We had some good lessons! Haha. We had this one lesson with these black dudes where we mentioned how Lehi and his family were going to the Promised land (America) and they got a little offended. We didn't have much time to tell them what that actually means as they kept on interrupting haha, but we are going there this week again. Haha. I know the fullness of the Gospel has been restored and I know it is true! Whatever situation, my testimony just grows and grows. 

When the spirit leaves in a lesson... I can see how much I need the Holy Ghost. It is crazy! God is definitely in this work, though.

We went out of the mission again to Bensenville. We could see Chicago very clearly this time. Also, we went to a member in that area who has an expensive massage chair he got for free. I got to use it! It is nice haha!

Haha, we were turning left on a road that we were going to park on and this car on the road is just going super slow, so I have to wait. Turns out that it is a cop car and he shines his flashlight at some people going inside a home. It was weird. This was right next to someone we were stopping by. Anyway, we park and stop by the person. The cop must have found out those people weren't the ones he was looking for as he did a u turn and went in the street that I had been waiting in a few moments earlier. If that makes sense..

The Assistants called us to go give a blessing to a guy in a hospital because his mom (who is a former investigator) asked them to do it. The hospital was in our area and not theirs, so that is why they couldn't do it. I didn't recognize the name, but it turns out, when I got there, he said hi and I recognized him! He is in the Naperville YSA. I was there 7-10 months ago. So, that was fun to reconnect to him and give him a blessing. :)

So, it was a good week!

'Till next time. Transfers is next week, so we will see what happens.


Elder Kloosterboer

O'Hare Airport

Downtown Chicago and O'Hare airport

This plane was super close before I took the picture. It was super weird!

Weird Japanese sweets