Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 67: Tender Mercies of the Lord

Elder Mateski and me

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fun week! I went on exchanges on Tuesday with Elder Royce into his area. Elder Royce was in my MTC district, so it was a fun exchange. We taught some lessons and talked to this one person who had no care about religion at all. It was interesting.

We also met a Muslim guy who is very friendly and said, "You probably don't want to talk to me because I have converted 3 Christians." Hahaha. He asked if we wanted his business card, so we said yes. We may call him.

I parallel parked down a street from an appointment because literally all the parking spaces were occupied and there was a bunch of no parking places. Anyway, Elder Mateski helped me with that. Missionaries have a rule that their companion has to back them up. It was good because I don't parallel park much at all. 

Anyway, we go up the street and a guy comes out of his garage and shouts a cross the street if we are Jehovah Witnesses. "No, Mormons" Haha. So he asked for a pamphlet and we talked a bit and gave him our number. We will be going back on there. It was cool because he started talking to us and asking for things instead of us starting the conversation.

The appointment we went to was pretty good because the non-member wife said she would like to come to church next week. Very courageous because she doesn't actually speak much English and is from Pakistan. So, that was neat. We didn't even bring up going to church, either... 


Elder Kloosterboer

On exchanges with Elder Royce from my MTC District! This is with a
member of his ward, Kyle.

Woodfield Mall

From Google Maps

from inside 

30 minutes on the phone


Gospel Library glitches!

Our Zone