Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 66: Specialized Training Assistants

Elder Casto and me back together

Monday, February 20, 2017

It was a great week! I met a lot more people in the area. Also, Elder Casto came with me and Elder Pace went with Elder Mateski. So, it was super fun working with my second companion again. We didn't have the car that day because the elders we share a car with were going to the temple and needed the car for shopping etc after it. So, Elder Casto and I went biking. It was fun haha! It was starting to get a little hot, but then, in the evening, it got cold haha. We talked to soooooo many people! We found two new investigators that day, the last one at 9pm! It was way fun! 

Elder Mateski and Elder Pace found 8 new investigators that day. 

Haha! I was driving and two women were on the street at a cul de sac and they got a little scared for their lives. Then we got out and they were talking to a woman and I realized they were the hermanas in the area haha! It was weird. We did talk to another unexpected person there and gave her a Book of Mormon. She lives in another ward, so we gave them her info. Missionary work is fun! And this work is so true!

We had Stake Conference this week. Our stake is pretty small so it was interesting going to that. We had very good talks, though! They mostly talked about the temple and how it is SUPER important to go there. It is so great! Lots of miracles were shared, too. 

Also, we visited with a member and he shared some great miracles he has seen in his life. The Gospel is so true. It is the way to happiness. Living it and knowing it helps one see God's love even more.

It's been getting hot! It even got into the 70s! I'm not used to it! Haha. I hope it doesn't get cold again!

Haha, well lots of cool things happened this week, but it is too much to share! Have a great week! Look for the things God does.


Elder Kloosterboer

73 degrees!! 

Elder Mateski dying! Haha

Filipino food

It was bright outside

Our Zone

Our Zone with the STAs (Specialized Training Assistants)

Why nott!