Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 60: Finding Method: Texting

Monday, January 9, 2017

Well, this week Ganga, Jit, Krish, Roman, Monita, Maughn, Karna, Trija, Trijan, and Trojan all came to church this week! Monika was also supposed to come, but she didn't for unknown reasons. We are teaching them tonight, so we will see what's up. Roman had to go to the doctors, so half of them left after sacrament meeting, but Karna, Krish, Trija, and Monita stayed. They had fun!

We have been teaching them lots! It's fun because they all have varying sounds of skill in the English language. :)

Oh yeah, we went to a guy named Dick to see when we can teach him. Elder Young and I talked to him last transfer when we offered to help him shovel snow. His house is still a mess according to him (looks fine to me), so a member is going to pick him up with us and go to his house for us to teach him. That is on this upcoming Wednesday. I'm excited. However, I may or may not be on an exchange out of the area.

Haha, we had a lesson with the Mongers after a dinner with the Jones. Brother Jones dropped us off. Now we didn't have a member going to the appointment, but we didn't want to ask brother Jones a second beforehand, so I was hoping he would offer. He  didn't, but we just knocked on the Mongers' for when he appeared at the bottom of the stairs asking if we needed him. "Yes!" Is what my mind said, but I said, "Sure." Haha! He's awesome. That lesson went great, too. The Mongers who were there all said they would be baptized as they continue going to church and we keep meeting them and they would learn of the truthfulness of the message. :)

Haha, we asked why he decided to come to the lesson and he said it was for multiple reasons one being that his wife was thinking that he was going for it when she said good night at dinner. Lol!

We also had a Zone Training which is weird because we have Zone Conference tomorrow. It was good, though!

We started texting a woman named Jennifer on the 3rd. We had texted her after Thanksgiving. So we found out how her New Years went and about her family. We testified to her about how the gospel blesses families, which it totally does, and Elder Umphress friend her on Facebook and we are going to start to teach her soon via Facebook video chatting. So that is going to be fun! 

She had met missionaries in the past when they helped clean up after a tornado. Her number and name was just on our phone, so we had texted to see what is up. Now we are going to teach her to help unite her family and strengthen it.

I know that God cares. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I know that the gospel blesses families and individuals. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

A letter to an elder (Elder Western) from Gracia and Ivor Jones read (because he was asked to do so) at the Christmas party we had. This is their testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. Gracia is a great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Smith Jr. It is super cool.