Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 63: New Stuff


Monday, January 30, 2017

It was an interesting week! We had exchanges and Elder Giolitto went to my area with me. Haha, we had MCM (coordination with our ward mission leader in the ward) and we just had it with us two as we are from both areas. So that was fun!

We had a very good Book of Mormon class this week. One of our members brought a lesser active member and Man, Karna, and Trija came. They are the extended family of the Mongers, but their last name is actually Magars, but it is said like Mongers, so we thought that is how we spell their last name. Yeah, it is always interesting seeing how their names are actually spelled. Haha.

The East Elders' investigator, Francois, got baptized! The Mongers and a potential new investigator were going to come, but they didn't.

We had some really good lessons with members this week, too.

Also, the worldwide broadcast for missionaries happened on Wednesday. The two big new changes are the schedule and key indicators for conversion. The schedule: I already knew about that. Basically, we have more time to prepare in the morning, plan in the morning, and have an hour of Personal Study in the Morning. We have our 30-60 minutes of Companionship Study anywhere from 10-9. Only 30 minutes of Lunch now and still the hour of Dinner. Then we come in at 9 (or 9:30 at the latest if teaching) and have 30-90 minutes to prepare to sleep. We have the option to sleep from 9:30 to 10:30 now. So it is very nice.

Also, there were 9 key indicators for conversion, but now there are just 4 (investigators baptized and confirmed, investigators on date for baptism, investigators attended at church, and new investigators). So it is easier and nicer. 

Line upon line, precept upon precept. That's how revelation works.

Today, we have our Zone Preparation Play Day. We are at the Maynes (members in our ward). I played Rummikub and Ping Pong. It is fun! Also, Elder Giolitto made Pizza for us all. Yummy!

Next week is transfers, so I'll see on Saturday if I'll go for my 5th transfer in this area or not. 

This church is totally true - meaning the doctrines and claims are true. My testimony strengthens each and every day! If you don't know - start with reading the Book of Mormon from the title page.


Elder Kloosterboer

Our Zone today

Another pic of the Possum

Cream Puffs!

How the indicators look now

I am so grateful to have a tablet on my mission and to be a part of this church! The following pics are from the Church Apps.

Meeting houses all over the world on the LDS Tools App

Area Book in 2014

Area Book in 2017

Area Book Map of our ward and area

LDS Music App

Gospel Library App

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 62: Intense Workout!

Working out at the Jeppesens! ''Twas fun!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wow... I just realized my blog dates were on 2016 and no one told me or realized it hahahahaha! So, I changed it to 2017.

I did some intense workouts this morning... We went to the Jeppesens' home in the morning. I nearly fainted! Haha. 

We usually have District Meetings every Wednesday, but this transfer, we only have 2 hahahaha. So we had our second and final one of the transfer.

Not much happened this week, actually. We taught the Mongers a lot and found out the original Mongers is spelt Mongers, but the extended is Magar. It is said the same, though. Haha. So we taught the Mongers and the Magars this week. The Mongers are going to the Hobbs home tonight and it will be interesting! The Magars are going to the Bishop's home next week for FHE. :) They are all so awesome!

I know that God loves His children!!!! He has given us so many examples for us to live by! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

An interesting package from my Auntie! Haha I got a laugh out of that one!

Possum? What is it? First time seeing one in real life. It was showing
its spiky teeth and hissing at us when we went past it with our car.Scary!

Our Zone at Zone Conference on the 10th.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 61: Dominos

Monday, January 16, 2017

Wow it was a great week! We taught Dick with the Ryans in their home and they got along really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to teach him next week Wednesday. Also, I went on exchanges with Elder Seve. He is from Samoa, but was raised in New Zealand. He is super funny! Haha we had lots of laughs!
We exchanged after Zone Conference on Tuesday night and exchanged back on Thursday morning just because it worked best that way. 

So there is a new and better schedule for us now. Basically it helps missionaries be happier and healthier. It is awesome! They are going to talk about it for the 2017 training broadcast for missionaries on January 25. It is funny because Elder Giolitto was an Assistant to the President last transfer and he and Elder Seve have already been following it for the whole transfer! What! They kept it a secret! (On exchanges they would change back so we wouldn't know!) Sneaky!

We had some good lessons with Karna and Ganga and Co. We are teaching them the commandments and Karna, Man, and Trija are on date to be baptized in April. The rest of the family will follow like dominos. They are awesome! This week Monika came to church instead of Roman and Jit. Everyone else came. It was awesome because we got it sorted who would go to class with whom and it went so smoothly! :)

Also, Monika, Roman, Krish, and Trija went to Feed My Starving Children Wednesday night with the youth of the ward and had a blast! They were gone from home for 5 hours!

Also, we went to an Eagle Project to stack sticks and branches for controlled fires. The fire was tall! There were YSAs I reconnected with. 

Today, Elder Giolitto is making lasagna for us. Yum!

Missionary work is super fun! Yes it is hard, but it is worth it. 

I know that this is the Lord's work I know that God loves me and you and that there is a way to know his plan for us and to accomplish His goal. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 60: Finding Method: Texting

Monday, January 9, 2017

Well, this week Ganga, Jit, Krish, Roman, Monita, Maughn, Karna, Trija, Trijan, and Trojan all came to church this week! Monika was also supposed to come, but she didn't for unknown reasons. We are teaching them tonight, so we will see what's up. Roman had to go to the doctors, so half of them left after sacrament meeting, but Karna, Krish, Trija, and Monita stayed. They had fun!

We have been teaching them lots! It's fun because they all have varying sounds of skill in the English language. :)

Oh yeah, we went to a guy named Dick to see when we can teach him. Elder Young and I talked to him last transfer when we offered to help him shovel snow. His house is still a mess according to him (looks fine to me), so a member is going to pick him up with us and go to his house for us to teach him. That is on this upcoming Wednesday. I'm excited. However, I may or may not be on an exchange out of the area.

Haha, we had a lesson with the Mongers after a dinner with the Jones. Brother Jones dropped us off. Now we didn't have a member going to the appointment, but we didn't want to ask brother Jones a second beforehand, so I was hoping he would offer. He  didn't, but we just knocked on the Mongers' for when he appeared at the bottom of the stairs asking if we needed him. "Yes!" Is what my mind said, but I said, "Sure." Haha! He's awesome. That lesson went great, too. The Mongers who were there all said they would be baptized as they continue going to church and we keep meeting them and they would learn of the truthfulness of the message. :)

Haha, we asked why he decided to come to the lesson and he said it was for multiple reasons one being that his wife was thinking that he was going for it when she said good night at dinner. Lol!

We also had a Zone Training which is weird because we have Zone Conference tomorrow. It was good, though!

We started texting a woman named Jennifer on the 3rd. We had texted her after Thanksgiving. So we found out how her New Years went and about her family. We testified to her about how the gospel blesses families, which it totally does, and Elder Umphress friend her on Facebook and we are going to start to teach her soon via Facebook video chatting. So that is going to be fun! 

She had met missionaries in the past when they helped clean up after a tornado. Her number and name was just on our phone, so we had texted to see what is up. Now we are going to teach her to help unite her family and strengthen it.

I know that God cares. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I know that the gospel blesses families and individuals. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

A letter to an elder (Elder Western) from Gracia and Ivor Jones read (because he was asked to do so) at the Christmas party we had. This is their testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. Gracia is a great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Smith Jr. It is super cool.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 59: It's 2017! :D

Skyping on Christmas Day

Monday, January 2, 2016

It was an awesome week! Ganga, Krish, Monita, Maughn, Karna, Trija, Trijan, and Trojan all came to church! They came halfway through the Sacrament Ordinance. We were by the door of the chapel, so before they came in, we ushered them to the foyer, so they wouldn't distract everyone. Lol! That was fun. It was definitely an interesting morning... :D Church started at 9, but we thought we had a meeting at 7:30, but we got a text saying that we didn't. So, we luckily didn't go there that early lol. 

Jit has been at more lessons this week because he didn't go to work as much due to the moving and other things, so that was good. He had some good questions!

I am so excited to continue to see their progress. Roman was even singing "I Am a Child of God" in one lesson. 

Oh yeah, we went back to Michael's house who we tracted into in early December. He said we could come back another night because he was putting Christmas Tree decorations up with his family. He has Mormon friends, but has never got a Book of Mormon, so when we came back, he asked, "So, where is the book?" We gave him one and he is going to read it and we will check back in a couple weeks to see what he thinks. That was such a different result of what we thought might happen. So, that was fun! 

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is so AWESOME! I promise it will get you closer to God if you read it, ponder it, and act on it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

P.S. Elder Giolitto made us some nice Carbonara for lunch today. Yum!