Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 56: It's Cold!

Getting ready for the cold

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello everyone! 

We went door to door one night in a street and someone called the cops on us! That was my first time someone called the cops on us. Also it was only the week before when someone asked us for our permit. Lol. No one told us to leave for this one. It was weird. Anyway, the cop was a bit confusing on what we needed to do, but we went to the police station the next day and found out they just need us to register our names for free just so they know who is knocking on their residence's doors. Problem solved!

There was, also, some snowfall again this weekend. We were trying to get a ride for the Mongers to come to church, but a lot of people were scared for that responsibility! In the end, the youngest had to go to the hospital and they wouldn't be back on time. So, we couldn't get them a ride because they would be back home too late. But, they said they would go this week. Also, we are going to help their family move into the area this week. That will be fun. We may even teach them, too!

I also brought out the boots I found at an apartment left by an elder. It was fun crunching on the snow without worry about it falling into my shoes and on my socks.

Oh yeah! We went to the Hedbergs to show them the Christmas video and Barb was there. She ended up having questions about the Plan of Salvation particularly on where we go after life. To explain this we started simply at He beginning and 2 Nephi 2 brought things to light very well! 

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Through the Book of Mormon and the Bible, false doctrines will be confounded, contentions will be laid down, and peace will be established (see 2 Nephi 3:11:12).

Anyway, Barb said we can come teach her more of the Plan of Salvation when she is at the Hedbergs. So, that will be fun! She is great!

Also, the new theme for youth is out for next year. Check it out at The theme is "Ask" of God. They have some good free music, too.

So it was a great week, and it will be a great week this week!

I know Christ lives. I know we will live again. I know Christ and Heavenly Father loves us perfectly. Because of this, we can have faith in Them and have a hope for the future.

Elder Kloosterboer