Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 48: It's Beginning to look a lot like... Halloween...

This Chinese calendar has the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet picture on it haha. They like it because of the lamb supposedly. HAHA

Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh it was a great week! So we are finally teaching Vince. Elder Eddenfield and his previous companion, Elder Atkinson, found his mom cutting some grass with scissors (the parts she couldn't get with the lawn mower) about 3 months ago. They had been trying to teach her. Then they talked to Vince on the street and found out where he lived. They found out they lived in the same house, but never got in contact with him. Lol. Anyway, now we are teaching him and, soon, hopefully her. They are both pretty awesome. Vince has many questions about the afterlife and we are slowly answering them. We are teaching him for the second time tomorrow. 

Haha, the Plan of Salvation can get real deep so quick. It is so nice to have the spirit of revelation to know SO much about everything. But, we only teach the basics to help people gain and develop faith, which leads to repentance (or change), which leads to baptism and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and, then enduring (or enjoying) to the end. 

This is so the true church of Jesus Christ. It is TRUE. I know it! God loves us! There are so many things on my mission that prove these things over and over again. 

"Through small and simple things are great things brought to pass." This is so true. The gospel is set up that, if we do those small and simple things and put our effort in it, we will become what our Heavenly Father wants us to be and reach our full potential. 

We had the Fall Festival this Saturday. It was awesome. A lot of people and their friends came. Also, the Harmans had a s'more bar by their trunk and I had a s'more with chocolate cookies. It was very delicious!

Also, Krish and his little sister and his parents came to church yesterday. The mom loved it! She, also, downloaded the gospel library app and music app probably with the help of Krish. He is so adorable! 2 more kids to get to church! :)

Today... we saw some smoke going across the road in front of us and it turned out that a car on the side street was smoking all around right next to a school parked in front of a house. The fire was leaping up from the bottom of the car as we went on. Then, 20 seconds later, we see the red lights of a fire truck coming down the road. It was crazy!

Yep, anyway,

Love you all!

Elder Kloosterboer

We found out that the car was sagging a lot and tilted to one side because there was weights in the back, the bikes, and because the tires were 10 psi down from the recommended! It was bad and the hitch would hit the ground a lot! Whoops. Fixed now, though!

Even with the weights and bikes off and the tires right, the hitch still hits the ground when we enter the Library Parking lot... yup.