Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 39: Interesting Peeps

Naperville East Zone-District at zone Play-Day -- (going right from
the top) Elder Anderson, Elder Kirkham, Elder Larsen, Elder Hunter,
Elder Hendrickson, Elder Bungham, Elder Royce, Sister Khou, Sister
Mead, Elder Clark, Elder Giolitto, and me!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Not much happened this week. We did meet some interesting people, though and some interesting stories. 

We went on exchanges for the last time of the transfer and Elder Faimalo came up here. I got to drive and the GPS took me on a small road that just ended, so I just did a u turn on the nice grass there. 

We went out into the middle of nowhere haha! 

We were going to a dinner appointment from Frankfort area to Naperville area and, it was funny because we saw some women in a car next to us in Joliet area on one road (Rte 59) and they passed us, but in Naperville area we were ahead of them and they were following us. Turned out they were going to the same Chick-Fil-A in Naperville. Haha. 

A bunch of people have left and it is sad. So Sacrament Meeting is already smaller.

Today was super fun because we got invited to the Naperville East Zone's Play-Day and we played Ultimate, Soccer, and Beach Volleyball. 

I really like this quote here:

"We do  not  preach  and  teach in  order  to  “bring  people  into  the  Church”  or  to  increase  the  membership of the  Church. We  do  not  preach and  teach just  to  persuade people  to  live  better  lives.  We  honor  and appreciate  the  many  ministers  and  others  who  are  involved in  the  kind  of  ministry  that  makes  bad  men good  and  good  men better.  That  is important,  but  we  offer  something  more.  One  can  qualify  for the terrestrial  kingdom  instead  of  the telestial kingdom  without  the  aid  of this  Church. We are  concerned with a  higher  destination.   "The  purpose  of  our  missionary  work  is  to  help  the children of God  fulfill a  condition  prescribed by  our Savior  and  Redeemer. We  preach and  teach in  order  to  baptize  the children  of  God  so  that  they  can  be saved in  the celestial kingdom  instead  of being  limited  to  a lesser  kingdom.  We  do missionary  work  in order  to  baptize  and  confirm...   "As the  prophets  of  this dispensation  have  told  us, the  missionaries’  purpose  of  being  in the  mission  field is to save souls,  to  baptize  converts,  which  is  to  open  the doors  of  the celestial kingdom  to  the sons and daughters of  God. 
  "No  one  else  can  do  this.  Other churches  cannot  do it.  Good  Christian  living  cannot  do  it.  Good  faith, good  desires,  and  good  reasoning  cannot  do  it.  "Only  the  priesthood  of God  can  administer  a baptism  that  will satisfy  the  divine  decree  that  “except  a man be  born  of  water  and  of the  Spirit,  he  cannot  enter  into  the  kingdom  of God”  (John  3:5)."  - Elder  Dallin  H.  Oaks (“Why Do  We  Do Missionary  Work?,”  New  Era, Sep 2009,  2–3, From  an  address given  at  a  seminar  for  new  mission  presidents  on  June  23,  1992)  

Our message is for everyone, whether you are good or bad. We believe in more than one Kingdom of Glory where we will end up for the eternities due to differences in good works and desires of people. In order to get to the Kingdom of Glory where God, the Father dwells, we need to be baptized by the authority given from Him who lives there, God. This is why we are out here. I know the work that I do is God's work and if one who investigates this and does what s/he is invited to do, s/he will know of the truthfulness of it from God himself. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

P.S. Oh yeah! I got some Beignets, too. They were Yummy!

Frog / Toad
Funny pic

Nice sunset
There is a skunk in the middle of this picture. We saw two skunks that
night and 3 another night!