Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 30: Sweat!

Mail! We basically had to pay 200 bucks to get this or they wouldn't let us know what mail box was ours 
Monday, June 13, 2016

We had Family Home Evening (FHE) Monday night with the young single adults. It was pretty fun! They were talking about Family History because they are having a trip to Nauvoo for the temple and other things in July. Then we played a game where everyone has a number and one person goes in the middle and chooses 2 numbers. Those people have to swap places without the blindfolded middle person touching them. It was pretty fun, but pretty hard lol! I was in the middle first and I couldn't get anyone haha. It was scary because I didn't want to trip over any chairs. Haha.

We had Zone Training on Tuesday. It was interesting and very good! We had an assistant Ward Mission Leader who was baptized 3 years ago talk to us. 

It is cool to see how the Spirit teaches others and touches their hearts.

We had Lunch at Portillos with Annie who recently returned from her mission in January. I tried the cake shake, but I didn't really like it that much haha. Basically it is cake mixed into a milk shake. She had some interesting stories about her companions haha. She is a great member missionary, too. We are working with her with some of her friends. 

So, the phone we have only allows so many texts until the user needs to manually delete some of the texts. So, I went through the texts to see if there was any important info and deleted non-essential info. Anyway, I came across one person called Nanni. She hadn't replied to the text, so I sparked the conversation. Anyway, it turns out that she was very glad of our persistence because she is going through some hard times. She wants to listen tomorrow, so we are going to teach tomorrow, hopefully! :)

We went to Institute on Thursday... They are teaching about Eternal Families. We had to think about what a good spouse would be haha. Annie was like, "Yup, I had to do that on my mission, do it!" Haha, even though it was her last 6 weeks for "My Plan". 

Anyway, no potential investigators came, but we got donuts!

Saturday was HOT and HUMID. We did a lot of service that day. We did the "Feed My Starving Children" again. I literally scooped 2 tons of rice. They go through a lot! Now, that wasn't the end of my workout for the day; we helped someone move out. They lived on the second floor (going up 2 stairs) and it was interesting because it was us, the Sister Training Leaders, Abbey and her husband, Israel. Only Abbey was there at the beginning and we weren't sure what to do. We ended up taking things from the hallway to downstairs as we couldn't go in. Then it switched around as Abbey went away and Israel came. His friend, Will, came, too. It was pretty great, I just sweated a lot and I mean, a lot! Haha.

We had ward conference and the bishop is great in this ward. He really loves the YSAs. We had dinner with him. :)

We got a call from our apartment inspectors and they said they were going to come inspect at 11:30 this morning! 

Not much time to clean! Lol. It was a busy day today!

Anyway, I know that Jesus lives and that he knows all of us even more than we know ourselves.

Elder Kloosterboer

Lol, someone wrote on our dinner calendar
What? We are not the Church of Letter day Saints. We are the Church of Jesus Christ.... of Latter day Saints
Cool building that reminds me of the Nauvoo Temple
Cool tree
Our ward map
Stake maps
Stake maps

Wow, they have a U turn sign
Ewe, live lobsters in Meijer
Florida number plate