Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 32: Biking!

Edited version of the zone

Monday, June 27, 2016

We had a pretty good Family Home Evening last Monday Night. They played Volleyball and we had an investigator, recent convert and a less active there. The investigator suggested they have dinner after, so they did and they had a great time!

On Tuesday, we were going to start using the bikes, but we didn't have helmets, so we asked Naper 2nd and they had some! So, we got them and that night, we biked for the first time. It was pretty fun, the first house we went to we got in and talked to the members there. We found out the potential YSA was married, though and they just moved to the area 3 months ago.

Elder Chidester, my zone leader, had his last District Lunch with us on Wednesday. He is leaving in 2 days. He will be my only Zone Leader I had for 4 weeks haha.

We biked 12 miles round trip that day. We went to less actives in our area nearby, which is Naper 3rd. Yeah, we live in the Naper 3rd area. We are moving on August 10th, so if I stay here, I get to chose where we live. Anyway, there were some trails we went on and I led. Thank goodness for offline Google Maps, though.

We took a member to visit a less active she has befriended on FB and because she was there she had a ride to go to church. (Unfortunately she wasn't home when the member tried to pick her up for church.) But, we were walking to the next less active near there and we talked to some Spanish speaker and with Annie, the member who went on her mission to Texas Spanish speaking, we were able to have her talk to her and Elder Kearl had a Spanish pass along card so we gave it to him. Lol it as pretty cool.

We biked to Feed My Starving Children on Friday with our service clothes. It was weird, but cool. Illinois needs to get some sidewalks, though. We were on this one road, too and it just ended at a field and started at the other end of the field, so we biked over the grass.  But, we tried coming back another way without google maps and staying off the main road it's no sidewalks and we ended up on a trail in the Springbrook Prairie Forest. We found our way home, though.

We had our 4th dinner with Joe, and this time, with his whole family. Also, 3 other YSA friends were there. We had enchiladas, YUM! 

After that, we were at the right place at the right time and saw Sister Smith in another ward. She was outside on the phone and just got off it as we walked up to her. She was just going to call us and talk about coming over for her son. He was there and we had a pretty good lesson with them all. Brother Smith is the Assistant Ward Mission Leader in that ward and he played us a little song on his guitar; a mixture of LDS hymns. That was cool. Apparently he plays the guitar for investigators the missionaries have in that ward.

Oh, and I have been seeing fireflies. They are pretty awesome! There are so many!

Anyway, it was a pretty good week. I know that this is Heavenly Father's work and glory and that he does help in His children's lives to help them be happy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ - meaning the good news that Jesus Christ brought by doing the Atonement - is the way for us to be happy RIGHT NOW and ever after. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

A stormy night
Naperville state center in about 1975 (courtesy of Don Larsen on his mission)
And Naperville Stake Center now

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 31: Feed My Starving Children

The zone with the Senior Sisters
Monday, June 20, 2016

It was a purty great week! We saw Elder Scott, area Seventy of this Area, when we went to Naf Naf Grill with a member. He was in his regular clothes, it was weird, but so iĆ®cool! When we asked when we could follow up with him, he asked when we didn't have a dinner this week, and he signed up for Thursday. So, I had dinner every night last week. :) pretty cool! Lol, the one day that we had exchanges, the area didn't have a dinner, but I had dinner in the other area. 

We were going to teach Nanni on Tuesday, but she had to work overtime. Lol, she got a bit frustrated that she couldn't meet with us.

So, on Wednesday, I went to Joliet 1st North with Elder Cook and Elder Neve came up with Elder Kearl. 
I walked a lot on that day. They are trying to save car miles. It was really hot, but, luckily, we got offered some drinks by the way. We were going to try and teach a woman with a member, Brother Brown, but she wasn't there. Her daughter and another boyfriend was there, so we taught them. It was pretty cool. The daughter was already being taught, but the boyfriend was not. He was pretty interested and they should have taught them both again on Saturday.

We went to Feed My Starving Children twice this week plus the time I wasn't there for exchanges. It is so awesome! We invited some summer sales people to come on Saturday as they are off after four on that day. We also invited them to invite the rest of  the summer sales people. So, this Saturday should be good! I'm excited!

We had Linger Longer yesterday! It was pretty awesome! We had sloppy joes. I'm starting to know a lot of the members.

We had a pretty cool experience going to a media referral. We had his address without an apartment number and it turned out we knocked on A and he lived in B. We talked to the girl who lived there and she was interested in our message. She is going to ask her Spanish-speaking parents if they are interested and or will allow her to listen. Then, we talked to the referral and gave him his Bible and shared a message in his home. We are going to follow up with him this week. Also, in the same house (with 4 apartments) we saw a woman sitting in front of her door reading a book. We talked to her and she is interested, also! All in one house :) it was pretty cool. 

We had Zone Activity today and we had a BBQ and played kickball. I slid and got a scratch, but I scored, so it was good. 

I know that what I am doing is God's work and that He helps me in it. I have seen His hand a lot! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer
Me with Elder Kearl's glasses haha!
I found a big wooden Shoe, the biggest!
New Holland!
Crazy rain!


Rain starting dripping through the roof!

Alma Dr!
Lol, the GPS knew where we were going without us doing anything! Scaryy
Never ending trainz!
Elder Kearl as a silhouette haha
I have this picture at home and we found someone else who has it!
Map of our area we created
Elder Kearl lol!
Everyone was playing in the rain! Then I joined in after it died a
bit, then it got HOT and we played soccer!
The Zone
My lock screen of Jesus :)
Tornado warning horn!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 30: Sweat!

Mail! We basically had to pay 200 bucks to get this or they wouldn't let us know what mail box was ours 
Monday, June 13, 2016

We had Family Home Evening (FHE) Monday night with the young single adults. It was pretty fun! They were talking about Family History because they are having a trip to Nauvoo for the temple and other things in July. Then we played a game where everyone has a number and one person goes in the middle and chooses 2 numbers. Those people have to swap places without the blindfolded middle person touching them. It was pretty fun, but pretty hard lol! I was in the middle first and I couldn't get anyone haha. It was scary because I didn't want to trip over any chairs. Haha.

We had Zone Training on Tuesday. It was interesting and very good! We had an assistant Ward Mission Leader who was baptized 3 years ago talk to us. 

It is cool to see how the Spirit teaches others and touches their hearts.

We had Lunch at Portillos with Annie who recently returned from her mission in January. I tried the cake shake, but I didn't really like it that much haha. Basically it is cake mixed into a milk shake. She had some interesting stories about her companions haha. She is a great member missionary, too. We are working with her with some of her friends. 

So, the phone we have only allows so many texts until the user needs to manually delete some of the texts. So, I went through the texts to see if there was any important info and deleted non-essential info. Anyway, I came across one person called Nanni. She hadn't replied to the text, so I sparked the conversation. Anyway, it turns out that she was very glad of our persistence because she is going through some hard times. She wants to listen tomorrow, so we are going to teach tomorrow, hopefully! :)

We went to Institute on Thursday... They are teaching about Eternal Families. We had to think about what a good spouse would be haha. Annie was like, "Yup, I had to do that on my mission, do it!" Haha, even though it was her last 6 weeks for "My Plan". 

Anyway, no potential investigators came, but we got donuts!

Saturday was HOT and HUMID. We did a lot of service that day. We did the "Feed My Starving Children" again. I literally scooped 2 tons of rice. They go through a lot! Now, that wasn't the end of my workout for the day; we helped someone move out. They lived on the second floor (going up 2 stairs) and it was interesting because it was us, the Sister Training Leaders, Abbey and her husband, Israel. Only Abbey was there at the beginning and we weren't sure what to do. We ended up taking things from the hallway to downstairs as we couldn't go in. Then it switched around as Abbey went away and Israel came. His friend, Will, came, too. It was pretty great, I just sweated a lot and I mean, a lot! Haha.

We had ward conference and the bishop is great in this ward. He really loves the YSAs. We had dinner with him. :)

We got a call from our apartment inspectors and they said they were going to come inspect at 11:30 this morning! 

Not much time to clean! Lol. It was a busy day today!

Anyway, I know that Jesus lives and that he knows all of us even more than we know ourselves.

Elder Kloosterboer

Lol, someone wrote on our dinner calendar
What? We are not the Church of Letter day Saints. We are the Church of Jesus Christ.... of Latter day Saints
Cool building that reminds me of the Nauvoo Temple
Cool tree
Our ward map
Stake maps
Stake maps

Wow, they have a U turn sign
Ewe, live lobsters in Meijer
Florida number plate

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 29: Naperville YSA!

Matt and Justin in the Rockford YSA
Monday, June 6, 2016

The YSA ward is awesome! It was a great week! I was a half tech elder on Tuesday, and, according to the Mission organization PDF, we are still the tech elders. Haha. 

So, we had to drive the Bolingbrook elders home from the Naperville Stake center after Transfers. My suitcases and Elder Hahn's were all in the little 2016 Toyota Corolla with us 4 (Elders Kearl, Hahn, Bollschweiler, and me). Yup, it was pretty cramped. 

So, Naperville YSA moved districts to Joliet East and our District Leaders are Elder Neve and Elder Cook. We have Sister Training Leaders (STL) in our district, as well. Then we have Bolingbrook and Senior Sister Missionaries (Sister Hopkins and sister Ringaitis). Man, it was a funny District Meeting.

We were going to have dinner with a YSA RM, but he thought we knew it was a lunch as that is what they do in Mexico for his mission. So, we had lunch with him. It was pretty cool. 

We helped someone move in the STL area. That was pretty fun and great muscle exercise! The guy, Derek, we were helping move knows the YSA bishop, too. 

Also, we had dinner in the Marriot hotel. We had Giordano's! It was nice. He also gave us Giordano's pizza for us to cook on another day, so we cooked that the next day for lunch haha! That was delicious, too! Yum! 

We have a project called the Banana Pudding Project. We focus on different family wards in our area and help out with their YSAs. Anyway, so we have been visiting a lot of YSAs out of the actual YSA ward this week.

We did service at "Feed My Starving Children" on Saturday. It was pretty much the same thing I did in the MTC. We switched positions a few times and I put food in and put bags under the funnel. We did approximately 100 bags (6 servings for a bag) each. We were in a group with a family and they were pretty cool. I got to taste a sample and it was actually not bad. 

Church was pretty awesome! James, an investigator, bore his testimony on the reality of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. That was great. Many great testimonies were given. 

I know that Heavenly Father is a loving father of us all and that Jesus is his only begotten Son.  They are separate. I know that a plan was formed for us to reach our full potential and to have happiness. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to reach Eternal Life and our full potential. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer
District Pic from a month ago
Lol CARS, in Rockford
Two of the houses we were helping build
SUPER rain storm

The members inside our area (not all YSA, though!)