Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 24: Beloit, Wisconsin

Monday, May 2, 2016

'Twas a pretty good week! We played Skip-Bo last Monday with young single adults, it was fun! We pulled some weeds and mowed the lawn for some people. After we pulled the weeds, we put newspaper and mulch on top. That was cool, too. We also helped the North elders move. They are moving in a nice place! Lol, it was raining when they were moving and a lot of their things got wet. Haha Elder Maynard and Elder Fia were putting a dresser on the truck and they tipped it the wrong way and the drawers fell out! Woopsies! They broke, but it was easy to fix. :) 

We teach a Book of Mormon class and a Spanish lady came into the church and was led to us because we are the missionaries. She can speak some English, but luckily we could get the Spanish Elders to come. So, she is in their hands now. :) 

We had dinner at an investigator's house. They are getting married soon, but they found their church and weren't willing to come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building. But, hopefully, when she reads, she will learn the truth and act on it. 

Oh! And we went to Wisconsin! Perks of being the District Leader's companion. :) The District Leader interviews his missionaries' investigators who want to get baptized. The Beloit sisters are in the district, and, so, he got to interview their investigator. I, also, took some pics. :) 

Also, there is a returned missionary from Holland here. He would have been called Elder D'Agostin, so I wonder if my grandparents in Holland ever fed him and met him.

Also, I texted Elder Oaks daughter... By accident... She lives in one of the adjacent wards and is a relative to someone in my ward... Haha, it is cool.

Anyway, I know that as we realize God's hand in our lives, we will continue to see His hand in our lives and will bless us more for thanking him for it. Recognizing the Holy Ghost is very important, so here is a list the Holy Ghost does to us:
  • Gives feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, gentleness, faith, and hope.
  • Gives ideas in the mind, feelings in the heart.
  • Occupies the mind and presses on the feelings.
  • Helps scriptures have strong effect.
  • Gives good feelings to teach if something is true.
  • Enlightens the mind.
  • Replaces darkness with light.
  • Strengthens the desire to avoid evil and obey the commandments.
  • Teaches truth and brings it to remembrance.
  • Gives feelings of peace and comfort.
  • Guides to truth and shows things to come.
  • Reveals truth.
  • Guides and protects from deception.
  • Glorifies and bears record of God the Father and Jesus Christ.
  • Guides the words of humble teachers.
  • Recognizes and corrects sin.
  • Gives gifts of the Spirit.
  • Helps to perceive or discern the thoughts of others.
  • Tells what to pray for.
  • Tells what to do.
  • Helps the righteous speak with power and authority.
  • Testifies of the truth.
  • Sanctifies and brings remission of sins.
  • Carries truth to the heart of the listener.
  • Enhances skills and abilities.
  • Constrains (impels forward) or restrains (holds back).
  • Edifies both teacher and students.
  • Gives comfort.
  • Many other things!
I invite you all to look at your life/day and see how the spirit has effected your day by looking at this list and seeing when you have felt these things. Even if you are not baptized by proper authority, you can still feel the Spirit's power, and He can still help you. When you are baptized, you have the right to have the spirit with you ALL the time if you always remember Jesus, keep His Commandments, and take upon you His name.
Email me back and tell me your experiences :)
I say these things in the name of my Savior and your Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer

24 min phone call
A bit far to say that
Accidental photo that looks pretty good haha
Beloit Church building
Colourful bird
Funny truck
I am an Eagle Scout
I took this pic after we left WI because we didn't see it until it was too late when we were going to WI
Wisconsin Welcomes you
Leaving Wisconsin
Welcome to Illinois
Lol, math jokes
Photo of moon
North Elders' new apartment
Pizza Elder Maynard made
Weird horizontal traffic light