Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 28: Bye Rockford!

District picture with Elders Ellis, Maynard, Achaval, zone leader Elder Weigel, Sister Ivy, Sister Wallace, Elder Wiser, me, Elders Fia, Faimalo, Porter
Monday, May 30th, 2016

This was an awesome last week in Rockford! I'm moving to the Naperville YSA ward which covers the Naperville and Schaumburg stakes. My new companion will be Elder Kearl, who trained my MTC companion, Elder Whipple, in Bloomington 2nd. Elder Kearl is sending his companion home because he has completed his 2 years. They were the tech elders, but that position is not a thing anymore. Elder Maynard is training a new missionary for his last transfer.

I was on the roof putting wood on top for building the house on Saturday and I got really burned! 

We taught the Freed family again and it is funny how the child of the family motivates the family. 

A less active member called and told us about a person to give a Book of Mormon to and we met with him and taught him about the Book of Mormon and the church. It was cool! We also taught Yolanda and her boyfriend, Ron, this week with a really enthusiastic member. Ron is now really excited about the Book of Mormon and how it can help him in his life. He also came to church! 

We had a Memorial Day Breakfast today and that was great, too! 3 of our investigators came (Shannon, Vernon, and Ron). 

We played Ultimate and I got really sweaty in my proselyting clothes because we forgot our other clothes. 

It has been a good transfer and I will miss the area.

Also, it was funny because Elder Maynard gave a talk for 17 minutes rather than 5-10 minutes and the bishopric was getting nervous and tapped him to stop talking! 

Oh, also, we had a 3 way exchange this week. Elder Maynard went with ZL Elder McDonald and I stayed with Elder Hale, the other DL companion. Elder Hirschi, the DL in the other district, stayed with ZL Elder Weigel. 

Anyway, I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It really brings the spirit of God closer and brings a lot of blessings in my life. 

Have a nice week!


Elder Kloosterboer

A Dog Balloon I made today
A storm is a-brewing
Flag for Memorial Day at half mast in the middle of the roundabout
Shrine near our house

So many ants but we burned them all

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 27: 3 Exchanges: Part II

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

So, Monday, after eating at the Blues (I know, such an awesome name!), we met the sister Elder Weigel and I texted to get an appointment. She is awesome! She is a nurse and works every other weekend, so she should have come to church, but she got called in. :( We are meeting with her again a few times this week, though. Anyway, we went with brother Blue, and he is a great teacher and friend!

I went on exchanges Monday night to Tuesday night with Elder Porter. We were working on the house with Elder Maynard and Elder Ellis. Elder McDonald and Elder Hale were there, too (they were on exchanges, too). More elders are going and people are calling us the elders now. It is cool!

After that, we (Elder Porter and I), went on the busses. Elder Porter is a Spanish speaking missionary, so we were in a Spanish area. We were on our way to help an investigator cut her grass... In our proselyting clothes. She said we were in too handsome of clothing to do that, so we lifted a heavy log house out to the street and moved logs. 

Then, we got Sopa and soft taco shells outside. It was good. We had a small lesson, too. She spoke only little English, but I spoke some Spanish and I learned some Spanish words and I understood a lot, too! When we went home, we talked to the bus driver a lot and this bus is a bus that the Spanish elders are going to use a lot, so they will have a good friendship form there. 

On our walk from the bus stop to home, we saw a lot of geese and I wanted to take a pic. They were running away from us, but, as I was taking more pictures, they came closer, especially the teenage geese. They wanted more closer pictures. Haha they want to be celebrities!

Exchanges ended, and the next day, after district meeting and district lunch, I went on exchanges with Elder Faimalo to Beloit, WI. District lunch was very fun and we went to Golden Corral! I was way full afterwards!
We had a good exchange! We moved some food storage by packing and moving it in the garage.

On Friday, I had my last exchange with Elder Wiser. This was May 20th and it was Elder Fia's birthday! So, elder Fia was on exchanges on his birthday. Hahaha. We had pork for lunch from a member and he missed it! It is ok, though, we got some for him and Elder Maynard.

We finally got back in contact with Herbert, a recent convert, that night at FHE (Family Home Evening). He came to church, too! 

Back into my own area, we lifted many heavy food storage boxes for the Goodwins on Saturday. They are moving. Elder Fia and I took them out of the basement and had a fun time moving them via dollies. Elder Maynard and Elder Wiser put them on the U-haul truck. Then we had an awesome lesson with Vernon and Shannon, our main investigators who come to church every week. It was great! Exchanged the car then went to Ottowa with Matt and Justin from the YSA ward. We went to a baptism down there. Elder Maynard taught the person there. It was a.... Fast ride. :) it is nice to be in a car without a TIWI. 

It was a cool baptism! I haven't been to one for about 9 months! If you have the chance to go to one, go to it! I know that baptism by full immersion through proper authority from God is the only way to reach our full potential and live with God and our families again. 

We had great Mexican food afterward and waited in line for ice cream to find out it only took cash... So we didn't get any... Haha it was packed, though!

Today was a great day, too! We went to Baumann park. It is an awesome park, really big! We played Ultimate, soccer with a big yoga ball and simple rugby. It was really fun! Lol, the yoga ball exploded as someone kicked it! It split into two. We won, though!

Elder Kloosterboer
The Zone
The Zone - funny

Nice sunset on the way back from Ottawa, IL

Flowers at the church that smell really nice, lilacs
It's hot in here!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 26: 3 Exchanges

Book of Mormon class with Lakisha, the DeCotos and Elder Fia
Monday, May 16, 2016

I drove in Wisconsin and stayed there overnight. It was fun! The exchange was in a Spanish area, so that was interesting. We also got drenched in the rain while I was just standing trying to understand the Spanish. Lol. We also had English class which was fun! We, also, got a few Spanish AND English potential investigators. 

We had zone conference on Thursday. It was good! On Friday I went on my second exchange in the week, but I stayed in the area for that one. It was cool because I went with Elder Weigel and this was his first area. We texted a less active that he had taught and she was super excited to meet with us. We are meeting with her tonight. 

For my 3rd exchange, I went with Elder Fia and we did a lot of service! We moved a bunch of boxes out of a school on Saturday because they are moving buildings. Some of those boxes were heavy, but it was fun!

Lol, we also needed to mow a lawn for an investigator of theirs. We couldn't find a lawn mower for him that worked except a legit push without any motor lawn mower. Haha it would have been great, but his grass was way too long!

So it was a fun good week. I will do 3 more exchanges this week, too, but all of these will be out of my area.

Anyway, we got two new pamphlets this week. They are called Learning and Serving in the Church and Families and Temples. I've read them and they are pretty good; I've also used them. 

"Our message cannot be learned all at once. Understanding will come over time through prayer, study, experience, and keeping Gods commandments." This is so true. As a missionary doing these things, my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has significantly grown. I invite you all to try the message by praying, studying and keeping God's commandments because it will bless your life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Kloosterboer

 The pics below show 6 police cars chasing down one car!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 25: Building Houses and Such

Elder Wiegel (my Zone Leader) and I have the same ties
Monday, May 9, 2016

So we helped start build a house on Saturday. That was pretty fun! We volunteered for Habitat for the Community and the concrete ground was already done and we put up walls like a puzzle. The walls were built in a prison nearby and they were done pretty good! The person the house is being built for was working alongside us, too.

They had MLC (Mission Leader Council) that the District Leaders and Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders went to on Friday, so I went on exchanges with the other District leader's companion, Elder Hail. It was pretty great and we gave a lot of Book of Mormon copies out.

The funny thing was that we had exchanges planned for the next day on Saturday, so I went with Elder Ellis.

We were going to Potential's and Formers and a "Do Not Contact" former shouted down the street if we were Mormons, and now we are going to teach her. There was just miscommunication last time and she apologized. 
But, that was pretty cool. Instead of getting rid of our huge potential list, we gained a few more :) lol.

Exchanges changed pretty much back to what they were before, but the leader always stays in the area and the District Leader goes up to the Zone Leader's area. This is for due to model areas and pretty much what I thought exchanges should look like at the get go. It is, also, a rule for the District Leader to go on exchanges with EVERY member of the district (except for sisters) and not to have exchanges the first and last weeks of the transfer. So, they have to be done in 4 weeks. Right now, we are going on 6 exchanges in 2 weeks... :) fun! For 5 of those, I will be leaving the area. 

Anyway, fun times! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that the Book of Mormon and Bible testify of that. They are the Word of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kloosterboer
Webex meeting with family on Mothersday

Each area is an area of several missions. I am in the big pink one in North America
Elder Soares takes care of the North America Central and Idaho area and my area is inside that area
This is what people do to their Sundays when they add junk to it. Haha a cool object lesson