Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 23: Rockford

Us and the Spanish missionaries from Normal - the crew :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

First some pics from my last two days in Normal.
History of name tags - I'm on it now
The Venegas family - they are Spanish speaking (spicy food)
Ethan (on the left) and the Poor family
The Allen family
Brother Allen
I don't know if I sent this pic of the old box of materials I made in Normal, but here is a comparison
All my stuff is in here
The bedroom
The hallway
The bathroom
The kitchen
The kitchen 2
My empty desk
The tunes and the missionary materials
View outside of my apartment
On Tuesday, I stayed with Elder Boulton and Sister Wallace for the whole ride, pretty much. We were all going from Peoria stake to Rockford stake. We left Normal at 10:55 A.M.And arrived in Joliet around 1. Elder Heiner was there, so we said hi. We, then, went to Naperville in another van (also had to move my stuff in another trailer). Then, I had to move my stuff in the same van from the trailer along with Elder Boulton's and Sister Wallace's. We travelled to Sycamore from there and I met Elder Maynard! He has two transfers left including this one. He has already been here for one transfer.

We live near the church by ourselves.

We went to the Ward Mission Leader's home and it was cool because Elder Royce had a picture he showed me a few weeks ago in the WML's basement and then I saw it! Elder Royce came out to the mission field with me and he started in Rockford 1st North. 

It was a good week!

One cool story was: we were meeting with a would-be-active-if-not-mentally-retarded guy called Art. He is really nice. We were with a member who had written his testimony in the Book of Mormon with his wife. He was going to give the Book of Mormon to one of the workers there who was there last time Elder Maynard and his old companion were visiting Art. She wasn't there, but this other worker wanted to sit in and we answered some of her questions and the member gave her the Book of Mormon! She accepted and started reading his testimony! It was awesome! We gave her information she gave us to the Beloit sisters (Sister Wallace and Sister Ivie) as she lives in their area. Yes Sister Wallace is in my same district again. 

This is a great area and I am glad to serve here.

I know that the only way to true joy is by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus lives and that I can live by that. I know that Jesus Christ really atoned for us and that we can rely on Him because of that (Alma 7:11-14, Book of Mormon, pg. 225)

Elder Kloosterboer
First day of Rockford and they were serving spaghetti and meatballs, so I got a bib
The lighter is insane
Our 3-way car share between a Chevy Cruze and a Toyota Corolla - we get both. We share the car on P-day
Down to the Church's basement
Scary big door the Church's basement
Old abandoned building in Rockford
My new box I made
I was asked to give a small testimony & favorite verse after the youth speaker. It was cool!
And we sang "If You Could Hi to Kolob" but only the 1st verse & yes we had investigators with us.