Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 20: Where is Church? General Conference, then Stake Conference - and NAUVOO TEMPLE!!

With statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Typing in the car is hard. I don't like it, but, otherwise I have no time to type today.

Anyway it was a good week! We helped some members jump start their car because their battery was literally dying! We did some nice street contacting in the nice warm weather that day, too! A lot of people were out and about. 

Haha, one funny experience. A lady walks to us and we say hey. She says, "Hey, what you selling? You selling the church?" Haha, no. Lol.

We also had a long "Specialized Zone Training" on Weekly Planning. It was good and we did our weekly planning then!

That moment when a family, who lives 15 minutes away, calls you 5 minutes before 5 p.m, and says, "Where are you?" Apparently we had a dinner at 5, but we thought we didn't! Whoops! Lol. We did end up having dinner with them, though. :)

We had a good General Conference weekend. During the Priesthood session (session for guys 12 and up), they talked about using the priesthood (more so than usual in it) and right after, we had the chance to use it! It is cool to use it and bless people's lives!

Monday was crazy! We were tracting around a former investigator's house when we ran into Jaime and Nick who we got 6 referrals from! We also decided to get back in contact with Charles and met his family. We ended up with 5 new investigators! Also, Charles's little daughter is giving a Book of Mormon to her grandma! What? Wow! Yeah it was good!

Temple was great, too! We gotz lotsa picturas! 

Anyway, I know that we have a current prophet who directs the whole church and world through revelation from Jesus Christ and that he has the authority to do so. It is a great blessing. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer
In front of the Nauvoo Temple
In front of statues of Joseph and Hyrum as they leave Nauuvoo for the last time, looking back

With Howie, our Ward mission Leader