Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 17: Leaving the Mission... Whoops!

With Elders Julander, Pace, Casto, Ashcraft and Horton on Preparation Day
Monday, March 14, 2016

Well I finally gave the old apartment keys to the Zone Leaders and I said a silent goodbye to the old apartment.

We had a cool experience while doing service. Two new volunteers were there and they were asking us questions about what we do and we ended up telling them what the restoration was and gave them a pass a long card. The guy was super interested--he just lives in Chicago. So, hopefully he will request missionaries in his area.

Also, we were helping a person, in our ward, move and we had no time to change and we ended up having MCM in service clothes which was weird, but everyone came from the service (except for the Spanish Elders) anyway.

We had a fun dinner and lesson with Keith (older guy in assisted living) where Brother Houssian (who is also older) came with us. We had pizza and Keith had like one piece and we had a lot and he was like go eat more... Umm you have only had one piece... Haha anyway, we eventually ate the rest of the pizza 2 days later :) but, the lesson was funny, but good. We are seeing him again this Tuesday, but he is going to Missouri on Saturday and he doesn't know if he is coming back...

We have a French speaker investigator who we met. The other elders had given her a French Book of Mormon, but she can speak and understand some English. We are waiting her reply on her schedule.

So, Area Book glitched and gave us a former from 6 years ago as a referral, so we went there, and, as expected, she wasn't there, but a woman who was interested was and  she was excited to meet with us... But, later on, we confirmed our appointment and she said that she did some "researching" and texted us and said she didn't agree on some things so we testified of the message we share and that it does bring true happiness because God is a loving Heavenly Father and his plan and commandments is for us to have joy.

No response yet from her, but we also invited her to watch the new Easter video at FollowHim.mormon.org, which I invite all of you to watch too as it really does touch the heart and makes you ponder on all that Jesus has done for us specifically.

Soooo... We called an investigator on Saturday and asked if he needed any help and he did for moving things in his garage. Now he lives in Atlanta, 17 miles away, and we didn't have the car, and we said we would meet him in 20 minutes... So we called a member who is awesome and he gave us a lift over there to help as well. Well, we passed the exit and the next exit was in Lincoln. Lincoln isn't in our mission, so we went out of our mission. :) Whoopsies. Anyway, we went on the old Route 66, so that was cool! Also, Trump was in Bloomington.

We still had our 8 hours of sleep as we had permission to sleep at 9:30 P.M. So, yay!

Anyway, it was still a good week, even though a few lessons fell through.

Have a nice week! Easter is in 2 weeks!

Funny Story - 
We were stopping by an investigator we didn't know and it said his apartment was B1, so we knocked it a few times. B2's door opens and he says no one lives there--so we asked him if he knew the guy and he said he was the guy and en we asked do you know the wife and he said that's his wife. So we found them!


Elder Kloosterboer

Old Discussions in new apartment
We crossed this street without any crosswalks