Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 15: Graduation of 12 Week!

Accepting graduation certificate, lol
Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello everyone!

So this last week was week 12 in the mission field (3 weeks in MTC + 12 weeks in mission field = 15 weeks on my mission). So, it was the last week in the 12 week program. I was the senior companion (basically the leader of the companionship) for this week and directed everything. It was fun! My trainer, Elder Heiner, is so awesome that we had a little graduation!

Graduation of week 12
Certificate of Graduation
For the last week of week 12 I become the senior companion
So, every 6 weeks, we have the potential to move and change companions etc. and this week was one of those times. Both Elder Heiner and I are moving out of the apartment. Normal South is closing and Normal North is consuming it. Normal North Zone Leaders are staying together but moving to Morton South. I am moving to Normal North's apartment and taking over all of Normal North and Normal South so, it will be called, simply, the Normal Area. Elder Casto (the new District Leader) will be my new companion and Elder Heiner is moving to Rochelle!

So, exciting times!
With trainer Elder Heiner and mission President and Sister
Griffin on the first day I got in the mission field

Anyway, last week had its events.

Even went to HSHM on Friday and we sorted out stuffed toys. There were some really good ones that could sell for 30 bucks! 

We went on exchanges to the Zone Leaders and the Morton Elders went on exchanges to us this week, too. I went with Elder Bennet and we found a less active who was not on the records! We gave him a Book of Mormon to read in at least till he could find his own. It was pretty cool!

 Only a mother could love that face
Oh yeah, we had a big winter storm for a few hours! I looked out the window in the morning and it looked alright. Then there were 2 inches of snow an hour later and lots of wind! So, that was on Wednesday and we did planning for the next week which was kinda hard, actually because we had just started that week! 

Arrows in the snow
Exchanges with Elder Jordan was fun, too. He had to go to a walk in clinic and so we had to go to the other side of town to go there and wait for 2 hours (except we didn't know exactly as they are unpredictable lol). But, I got to talk to a sick lady there about the Book of Mormon. She was pretty cool.

Oh and when you bring a member to tract with you and find his boss and then set up an appointment for the next week with the non member and the member. :) yeah, that happened to us.

On Sunday, everyone was saying their goodbyes because 4 of 6 of the missionaries are leaving and only 2 are coming in. Elder Ashcraft's new companion will be Elder Pace. 

Last evening with Elder Heiner and the Albrechtsens
With Tanner Lowe
Also, the talks were great this week and one of the speakers used like 4 primary songs in her talk! Primary songs are awesome! 

Also, I forgot, on Friday, we had an adventure. We had bus routes figured out and we were so busy talking to someone, that we passed our stop. So we were at a bus exchange spot and I went into 3 different busses asking which way they went and they all went the wrong way! We found one that went the right way, though, and I started talking to another person and then we got off too early and we had to walk longer, lol. Anyway everything got sorted out and we were heading to the area where our dinner appointment was and they picked us up for the rest of the way.

Ah, it was a good week.

Oh we were walking to a dinner appointment on Sunday and they had young women as little missionaries (they were doing missionary month this month) and they discussed the first vision of Joseph Smith. We testified of the first vision and invited them all to share their testimony. Because, through sharing truths, the Holy Ghost (who is part of the Godhead) testifies of those truths as you share them.

Anyway, I am excited for this upcoming week with more places to go and a new companion. Also, we stay having a car share, so that will be fun!

Anyway, I know that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that he received the Priesthood power and authority to organize the church and perform the ordinances thereof. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

P.S. Sorry for the scattered words this week haha!

In front of the baseball field at ISU
In front of Sodom and Gommorah (one of the
Watterson Towers for student apartments)
Bike self repair shop, lol
Dirty floor under fridge but we cleaned it up though
Fat wallet - I took out all the coins as it doesn't work 
New ties from mission mart (we got $5 off, so it only cost $2)
Standing Squirrel
We went through some barriers thinking they were the only barriers,
but these ones ended our little adventure. The road was bad.
Found a Dutch shoe with Welcome on it in Dutch for a store