Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 19: I Love To See the Temple

A Do Not Enter sign in the middle of the road - but for which side??
Monday, March 28, 2016

I love to see the temple. I’m going there [April fifth].
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I’ll prepare myself [every day];
This is my sacred duty.

So, next week, on April 5th, we are going to the Navuoo Temple! Because of that, Preparation Day will be moved to that day (the Tuesday) and I will write then rather than on the Monday. I am so glad I get to go because we can only go every 18 weeks in only some places in the mission field.

Anyway, this week was a weird week. 

We had some rude people we got involved with. It was sad, but funny! One guy was like, "Do you even have a permit? Get off my porch!" Didn't even answer our question if a former lived there... Lol. 

Another one was saying that he kept getting people and Mail about the formers who used to live there. He was pretty upset and was looking for a fight. It was hilarious, but the first time, on my mission, I heard someone swear like 20 times in a few sentences...  Yup. It's sad because the message we share is a good one and can raise the quality of people's lives and let them have more joy, but they don't even want it. Oh well.

The old apartment was finally finished with this week! The Zone Leaders cleared it out totally with one of the mission office people.

Also, we assembled some furniture. It was fun and reminded me of when I screwed in the big whiteboard at the apartment.

So Dino went to Georgia.. On the Tuesday, his mom was sick and we rescheduled to meet on Wednesday and an hour before we were going to teach him, we text him and he texts us back saying, "I'm out of town." Dino! Well, he is there till at least Thursday... 

We had a pretty cool funny story when we were going to a potential's house one day. We had the Lowes with us for the potential lesson, but the potential investigator wasn't there--or so her mom said... We go two apartments down to a potential we found another time by being there (we showed this one the Easter video right outside his apartment one time and he showed some interest) and some guy opened the door. Now, the potential investigator we showed the video to is called Tyler. The person who opened the door looked similar to Tyler, but I wasn't sure, but he did look familiar... So I didn't know what to say as I wasn't sure. Elder Casto just goes for it as if he is Tyler and we ask to come in and share a message with the Lowes. Turns out this person is Taylor and he was familiar to me because Elder Bennet and I had tracted into him a few weeks ago. Lol! But the probable reason he let us in is because Tyler told his roommates including Taylor about his experience with the Easter video! What!!! :) 

Anyway, we showed Taylor the Easter video, and a little after this other guy comes in. His name is Josh. He says, "So what did I miss?" Haha! So we show them both the Easter video (second time for Taylor) and teach the restoration. Josh is solid. We invite them to church and Josh says he will! Taylor is going to his mom's church for Easter, so he couldn't. The Lowes were brilliant, too, with their testimonies. 

The Messiah sing-along was played Friday night, but none of our investigators could or wanted to go. :( So, neither could we. :( 

So, last Preparation Day, after waiting for the Spanish Elders to pick us up after I got a haircut, a man walks up to us and says he is in the Normal ward! Well, we are the Normal missionaries. Turns out he is a less active and we stopped by him on Saturday, at least went inside his house.......

We go to his house at like 8:20 P.M. So it is dark outside and we notice the front door has a notice that says pretty much to ring the doorbell and come in through the the back door.... So we go to the back (I rung he doorbell at the front in case there is no doorbell at the back) and go through a sketchy garage and, then ring the doorbell at the back. Someone, sounds like a woman, shouts come in inside. So, I say, "let's go inside." We go inside because we have Tanner (a member who is leaving on his mission soon!) and, so, if there is only a woman inside, it is ok. Well, he says to come downstairs... So we go downstairs and there is a fat man watching some show in his whitey-tighties and shirt with shoes on... Anyway, he just starts telling us random facts about baseball that we don't even care about lol. Anyway, we ended up leaving a note for the less active member and I need to use the bathroom at this point. I ask him if I can use the nice bathroom upstairs.. He says that I can use his bathroom.... He has a nice toilet, the room, though... Very 1800s... Lol.

Oh... Wednesday, we were at a member's house with the Spanish elders right at the western border of the ward. Elder Casto and I went to meet a member after institute (which ends at about 8-8:15) so, we start going there and we text the person if she will still be there at about 8:30. She says that institute was cancelled, so we start going home, but elder Ashcraft is driving and the GPS was still going to the church. We nearly go to the church, but they change the GPS to go home. Well the GPS is silly and goes the long way. We are nearly home and the Spanish elders say they need to go to the church and prepare their baptismal program, so we start heading back to the church again... Well, it is about 8:30 now and Elder Ashcraft, being the Californian he is, rolls through a stop sign. There is another car I see about to stop at the same intersection and I am wondering in mind how sucky it would be if that was a cop car. Well, red and blue lights turn on. We got pulled over. Lol! My stomach drops! Luckily, Elder Ashcraft only gets a warning, but he did learn a lesson and he goes to full complete stops now. Lol, but it is 8:40 then and, so we have no time to go to the church and do things, and we head home. Lol!

So, guess who was at church on Sunday? Josh! Members greeted him and talked to him. We were late because we went and got another investigator for the Spanish elders who needs to be given to us sometime (as she is English speaking). We went with the Albrechtsens. So, we were so happy that Josh was settled in, when we arrived at church. He had a great time! Other members know him because he went to the high school there. He says he will come again in a few weeks. So, Josh actually lives in Monmouth and we will have to give him to the missionaries there, but his parents live in Bloomington and he is coming here in a few weeks, so then, he said he can come to church.

It was a great week with many more stories, but that is for another time! 

I know that Jesus Lives and that he rose from the dead. I know that he is our Savior and that he loves each and everyone one of us. He wants us to be happy and have Joy. Heavenly Father created a plan, that only works with Jesus at the center of it. I know that to be true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us very much too! I know that, true happiness only comes through following our Heavenly Father's plan because He loves us and wants that for us. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sorry if things didn't make sense and about how long this blog is. I will type next week on Tuesday. Have a great week everyone.

Until next time,


Elder Kloosterboer

A LOT of rain
And a LOT MORE rain

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 18: Miracles!

Yay, I'm an early riser
Monday, March 21, 2016

"How's it going? <Normal Elders>"

This was a great week!!!

So, we ended our Preparation Day early last week by 2 hours and helped someone move his heavy treadmill and another person move out of the ward. It was fun, though!

We watched all the Easter videos including the Hallelujah chorus. They are great videos! All 3 videos are found at and I invite you all to see them! They are very powerful!

We had a good experience doing service at the Mount Pisgah Baptist church. We help them bring food down from the truck and organize it. One of the ladies who is usually over the bread said she didn't like how this time they weren't as organized with the bread and, then, she started talking about her church and its organization, so we talked about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and how it is organized. She liked it! We told her about the new Easter video and gave her a card. When we were about to leave and we were talking to the other volunteers, she showed them what a cool thing we gave her, the #Hallelujah card. Haha,mint - was awesome!

We met Ryan that day, too (on Tuesday) and we set up a time for the next day to visit.

That night we had MCM at Howie's and the Spanish Elders went on splits (meaning that they were split up, but had a member as a temporary companion) and Elder Ashcraft stayed while Elder Pace was busy putting someone on date for baptism...

On Wednesday, we shared the first half of the Plan of Salvation with Ryan and set the goal for baptism. Unfortunately, he works at night and sleeps during the day and had a double shift on Sunday and couldn't come to church. :( 

But, we taught Keith (the one in assisted living) the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a great couple about the same age as Keith, who is older.... The Houssians were great and taught good principles with us! The members here are pretty great! 

We stopped by a potential house and she wasn't there.... But.... Another potential, who had come up to missionaries I know a few weeks before, opened the door and then said he would listen. We didn't know he was the potential as we had never seen him until he said his name, Dino. We showed him the Easter video and he loved it and said "wow, you Mormons have this thing really figured out!" (I am paraphrasing a lot there..) Anyway, he said he would come to church. 

We went to Morton on Friday as we were doing exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Anderson and Elder Casto went with Elder Bennett. We had a great day! We, also went out with brother Heyder who I thought looked familiar. Turns out that I ate dinner with him in Transfer 1 with Elder Wells on exchanges haha! 

We went to a less active's house and it turns out he and the less active know each other and they are going to watch Meet the Mormons tomorrow with the ward! 

We met Dora on Saturday and told her the Spanish Elders would give her a Spanish Book of Mormon. She is awesome, though and I am excited for her to progress!

So we had Ward Council with the Stake Presidency on Sunday because it was Ward Conference. I heard the phone buzzing and saw a random number calling us and I put it back in my pocket. I felt/heard the buzzing again and it turns out it was the same number. I showed Elder Casto and we left the Ward Council. We called he number and guess who it was?!? It was Dino! He said he slept in and missed his ride and he needed a ride, so he asked for one. We said we would sort it out. This was with 15 minutes until Sacrament meeting would start.. So we started to look for people we know who would give Dino a ride. Brother Hempstead walks in the door as soon as I look at the door for people and I identify him as the one we would ask. So, we asked him and we went and got Dino, who was not where he lives.... Haha so, he was met by missionaries by the apartment complex where we met him, in the street (or rather missionaries met him there) then at the potentials house in the same apartment complex and then we picked him up at a different area on the map. We haven't seen him by his place yet lol! (We went there 3 times.. Hah) but we are meeting him tomorrow.

Anyway, he came to church and he is my first investigator to come! It was very exciting! He loved it, too! It helped that all the members were really nice and welcoming and that the stake presidency said hi, too! 

We had a dinner appointment with the Albrechtsens and a family sister Albrechtsen knows, but they couldn't come and, then, neither could her neighbors. So, we all invited Dino over! Yes, it was a great day for Dino! Andrew, a returned missionary gave him a ride home and a ride to the dinner. It was a good dinner and we played the Follow Him video and the Hallelujah Chorus video and shared the Living Christ document which is a testimony of Jesus Christ from the Apostles that came out a few years ago. We also talked about the Book of Mormon and Dino loved it! It was a great night!

Anyway, this week was packed with miracles!

I know that Jesus loves us all! I know that he visited the ancient Americans after his resurrection and that he taught the gospel to them. I know that you can know of these things, too, if you heed the words of Moroni, the last prophet in the Book of Mormon. He says, "Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them, that ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men, from the creation of Adam even down until the time that ye shall receive these things, and ponder it in your hearts. And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." Anyway, the Book of Mormon is awesome. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

A big storm came through 
Yeah, not buying gas there LOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 17: Leaving the Mission... Whoops!

With Elders Julander, Pace, Casto, Ashcraft and Horton on Preparation Day
Monday, March 14, 2016

Well I finally gave the old apartment keys to the Zone Leaders and I said a silent goodbye to the old apartment.

We had a cool experience while doing service. Two new volunteers were there and they were asking us questions about what we do and we ended up telling them what the restoration was and gave them a pass a long card. The guy was super interested--he just lives in Chicago. So, hopefully he will request missionaries in his area.

Also, we were helping a person, in our ward, move and we had no time to change and we ended up having MCM in service clothes which was weird, but everyone came from the service (except for the Spanish Elders) anyway.

We had a fun dinner and lesson with Keith (older guy in assisted living) where Brother Houssian (who is also older) came with us. We had pizza and Keith had like one piece and we had a lot and he was like go eat more... Umm you have only had one piece... Haha anyway, we eventually ate the rest of the pizza 2 days later :) but, the lesson was funny, but good. We are seeing him again this Tuesday, but he is going to Missouri on Saturday and he doesn't know if he is coming back...

We have a French speaker investigator who we met. The other elders had given her a French Book of Mormon, but she can speak and understand some English. We are waiting her reply on her schedule.

So, Area Book glitched and gave us a former from 6 years ago as a referral, so we went there, and, as expected, she wasn't there, but a woman who was interested was and  she was excited to meet with us... But, later on, we confirmed our appointment and she said that she did some "researching" and texted us and said she didn't agree on some things so we testified of the message we share and that it does bring true happiness because God is a loving Heavenly Father and his plan and commandments is for us to have joy.

No response yet from her, but we also invited her to watch the new Easter video at, which I invite all of you to watch too as it really does touch the heart and makes you ponder on all that Jesus has done for us specifically.

Soooo... We called an investigator on Saturday and asked if he needed any help and he did for moving things in his garage. Now he lives in Atlanta, 17 miles away, and we didn't have the car, and we said we would meet him in 20 minutes... So we called a member who is awesome and he gave us a lift over there to help as well. Well, we passed the exit and the next exit was in Lincoln. Lincoln isn't in our mission, so we went out of our mission. :) Whoopsies. Anyway, we went on the old Route 66, so that was cool! Also, Trump was in Bloomington.

We still had our 8 hours of sleep as we had permission to sleep at 9:30 P.M. So, yay!

Anyway, it was still a good week, even though a few lessons fell through.

Have a nice week! Easter is in 2 weeks!

Funny Story - 
We were stopping by an investigator we didn't know and it said his apartment was B1, so we knocked it a few times. B2's door opens and he says no one lives there--so we asked him if he knew the guy and he said he was the guy and en we asked do you know the wife and he said that's his wife. So we found them!


Elder Kloosterboer

Old Discussions in new apartment
We crossed this street without any crosswalks

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 16: Half Whitewashing

With my new companion Elder Casto
Sorting out stuffed toys at HSHM, taken Feb 26th
Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey everyone!

Well! What a busy week! You know it has been a busy week when you can't find time to write in your journal for a bit. That happened for the first time on my mission in this week. But, I am all caught up now. :) 

I said my goodbyes to the departing missionaries and, then, went to do service with Elder Ashcraft. We did a lot of moving and organizing as tomorrow (March 8) a truck is coming for more food for the pantry. It is nice to serve people. :) 

Anyway, I met Elder Casto and Elder Pace in the afternoon of Tuesday and they are pretty cool. 

Area book got a little confused as the areas merged, but we figured it out and we had a church tour with a guy called Keith. It was my first actual church tour for leading or even being in one, lol. Anyway, it went good.

We also went to a family that lives out of the city and we missed our turn off on the highway and it took 20 minutes longer. Also, they live in a place where it is dark at night and luckily, I had been there before so, I knew sort of where it was. Anyway it was an adventure without a GPS!

We went to HSHM on Friday--Elder Casto, Elder Ashcraft, Elder Pace, and I-- and sorted through housewares. We found some cool stuff in there! Also, the other elders came and they did other jobs. So, there were 8 of us there.

On Saturday, we helped the McDonalds out with taking stuff off the walls. So we took paintings and curtains down. They have a really nice house and it was really fun! They also have an elevator because they need it and Elder Casto and I got to go down in it! 

They have a really fun dog, called, I think, Molly, who was jumping around and everything for some time! The McDonalds were really appreciative, though, and now we know who they are! 

We went through ISU and talked to a few people and that was fun, too! There was a game going on and, when that was going on, people were in a rush. :( But, we are learning as we go.

This transfer is going to be 7 weeks, it looks like, and I don't know why. 

This week is going to be busy, too, and that will be fun. We are going to be teaching more lessons.

Also, it looks like winter is going away. It is 66 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now. It is nice!

I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that we are all brothers and sisters and that we are here to grow and gain experiences to have joy. (Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 2)

Remember to always smile.


Elder Kloosterboer
A cool use of a name tag after a missio 
Cool dog I found while sorting at HSHM 
Elder Casto covered in dog hair. I wasn't as unfortunate
Elder Ashcraft with big glasses
Elder Casto with Kitty American flag lol
Elder Pace with big glasses

Packing up the Normal south apartment

Our cleaned up big whiteboard at our new apartment that was from the old apartment
Got this cereal box
Yay, I got Olaf

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 15: Graduation of 12 Week!

Accepting graduation certificate, lol
Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello everyone!

So this last week was week 12 in the mission field (3 weeks in MTC + 12 weeks in mission field = 15 weeks on my mission). So, it was the last week in the 12 week program. I was the senior companion (basically the leader of the companionship) for this week and directed everything. It was fun! My trainer, Elder Heiner, is so awesome that we had a little graduation!

Graduation of week 12
Certificate of Graduation
For the last week of week 12 I become the senior companion
So, every 6 weeks, we have the potential to move and change companions etc. and this week was one of those times. Both Elder Heiner and I are moving out of the apartment. Normal South is closing and Normal North is consuming it. Normal North Zone Leaders are staying together but moving to Morton South. I am moving to Normal North's apartment and taking over all of Normal North and Normal South so, it will be called, simply, the Normal Area. Elder Casto (the new District Leader) will be my new companion and Elder Heiner is moving to Rochelle!

So, exciting times!
With trainer Elder Heiner and mission President and Sister
Griffin on the first day I got in the mission field

Anyway, last week had its events.

Even went to HSHM on Friday and we sorted out stuffed toys. There were some really good ones that could sell for 30 bucks! 

We went on exchanges to the Zone Leaders and the Morton Elders went on exchanges to us this week, too. I went with Elder Bennet and we found a less active who was not on the records! We gave him a Book of Mormon to read in at least till he could find his own. It was pretty cool!

 Only a mother could love that face
Oh yeah, we had a big winter storm for a few hours! I looked out the window in the morning and it looked alright. Then there were 2 inches of snow an hour later and lots of wind! So, that was on Wednesday and we did planning for the next week which was kinda hard, actually because we had just started that week! 

Arrows in the snow
Exchanges with Elder Jordan was fun, too. He had to go to a walk in clinic and so we had to go to the other side of town to go there and wait for 2 hours (except we didn't know exactly as they are unpredictable lol). But, I got to talk to a sick lady there about the Book of Mormon. She was pretty cool.

Oh and when you bring a member to tract with you and find his boss and then set up an appointment for the next week with the non member and the member. :) yeah, that happened to us.

On Sunday, everyone was saying their goodbyes because 4 of 6 of the missionaries are leaving and only 2 are coming in. Elder Ashcraft's new companion will be Elder Pace. 

Last evening with Elder Heiner and the Albrechtsens
With Tanner Lowe
Also, the talks were great this week and one of the speakers used like 4 primary songs in her talk! Primary songs are awesome! 

Also, I forgot, on Friday, we had an adventure. We had bus routes figured out and we were so busy talking to someone, that we passed our stop. So we were at a bus exchange spot and I went into 3 different busses asking which way they went and they all went the wrong way! We found one that went the right way, though, and I started talking to another person and then we got off too early and we had to walk longer, lol. Anyway everything got sorted out and we were heading to the area where our dinner appointment was and they picked us up for the rest of the way.

Ah, it was a good week.

Oh we were walking to a dinner appointment on Sunday and they had young women as little missionaries (they were doing missionary month this month) and they discussed the first vision of Joseph Smith. We testified of the first vision and invited them all to share their testimony. Because, through sharing truths, the Holy Ghost (who is part of the Godhead) testifies of those truths as you share them.

Anyway, I am excited for this upcoming week with more places to go and a new companion. Also, we stay having a car share, so that will be fun!

Anyway, I know that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that he received the Priesthood power and authority to organize the church and perform the ordinances thereof. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

P.S. Sorry for the scattered words this week haha!

In front of the baseball field at ISU
In front of Sodom and Gommorah (one of the
Watterson Towers for student apartments)
Bike self repair shop, lol
Dirty floor under fridge but we cleaned it up though
Fat wallet - I took out all the coins as it doesn't work 
New ties from mission mart (we got $5 off, so it only cost $2)
Standing Squirrel
We went through some barriers thinking they were the only barriers,
but these ones ended our little adventure. The road was bad.
Found a Dutch shoe with Welcome on it in Dutch for a store