Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 14: Big Eyes

With Elder Heiner
Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey People!

So, today I got an eye exam and my eyes got dilated and now I can't read well. So excuse my writings as I can't check them!

Anyway at the eye clinic, they numbed my eyes and poked them! That was a first! Usually they do a puff of air. Anyway, I have new contacts and I don't have to wear glasses (except for sunglasses) now!

Also, two Fridays ago, I got a 5 dollar gift card to go to "Mission Mart" I got 6 ties from that, today! (Picture coming next week.)

I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission and third time in my life yesterday! It is so great! I know it to be true! Now, onto my fourth! You know, out of "6,607 total verses found in the Book of Mormon,  3,925 reference Jesus Christ’s name" isn't that crazy!

Funny story: we knocked on a door and a lady screamed, she opened the door and she screamed lol. She kept the call going, in case we were going to kill her! Very smart lol. I think she has watched a lot of horrors! 

Also, it is funny how many people think they know the law, when they do not and we just don't argue so we don't cause contention, but we leave them there in there falseness. And it is unfortunate because that happens not just with the fact of solicitors, but with the gospel. As missionaries, we are protected under the first amendment to knock on doors even where soliciting is not allowed, but not where no trespassing signs are.

Anyway, it is funny how some people are not open for looking into things where they might be wrong...

We had a big zone conference on Thursday and it was good!

Elder Vaughn is using Duolingo for his Spanish and it is so fun! But, I'm glad I'm in English! :D ah, I am starting to see better! Ooh, it is good! My eyes are still pretty dilated, though.

Saturday was a great lovely warm sunny day! People were out and people were happy! The sun is like Jesus, they both bring light and happiness into our lives, all we have to do is go outside or unto Jesus.

One of the sisters in our ward gave us another cake all for is shoveling her driveway! She is so sweet! It is so yummy too! We got her bigger print scriptures from another member and she was so thankful!

Also, yesterday, we were knocking on apartments where a guy who had been taught in the past, that we talked to, suggested we should go. They were all family apartments! It was cool! Lol, but only the children would answer and one of them opened the door three times and we were still standing there haha he was funny!

Anyway! It was a fun week. No progressing investigators at the moment, sadly, but it is still good here.

I know that as we come unto Christ, we will be happier. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Kloosterboer

Elder Ashcraft and Elder Vaughn (Spanish missionaries)
It was really foggy outside when we were
driving on the highway one day
Lol, A little cube for Windows at a thrift store
That is cool!! Sign is at a nursing home
Yummy cake that a sister in the ward gave us