Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 12: 3 Months Down

ISU (Illinois Sate University)
Monday, February 8, 2016

We had our apartment inspected this week. We told them that 11 on Tuesday was fine, but then we realized we had service from 9 to 2, so we told them and we came to the conclusion that they would just have to inspect it by themselves. Lol we cleaned so much the previous night and the morning of. We got a great score, though! Our apartment looks nice now!:) 

Anyway, we helped unload a truck for a food drive thing. Over 100 families came and got a lot of great food. We helped carry their boxes of heavy food out to their cars and such. My arms got a lot of beating that day, haha.

We went on Companion exchanges on Wednesday and Elder John came up to my area. It was really fun! We taught Nathan and Carrie and had Tortellinis with them! Yum! We also got to quickly see a potential nearby. 

After Companion exchanges, we had the Family History Event, it was fun and good! We learned a lot from it, too.... 

We had service at Home Sweet Home Ministries again on Friday. This time we were sorting out  the clothes from donations. We had a little fun putting some on, too. :D Also, Shonya (no idea how to spell her name) is in charge of that area. She is super hilarious and nice! There are a lot of cool people at HSHM.

Elder Bennett, Elder Heiner, Elder Neve,
Elder Anderson, and myself at HSHM
So plans change all the time as a missionary, which is why we have backup events. On Saturday, we found out an investigator got called into work, so we tracted more at the street we were going to tract. We found a super sweet older guy. He wants to come to church and will, except he goes out of town to Chicago a lot. But, we gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going to find out if he has read any of it yet. I am excited to keep teaching him.

We, also, helped the Clarks put floorboards down again, and their little son gave me an IPhone he made from the scrap wood. He is so cute haha! He always wants to give me something haha.

There are a lot of nice people here, in the ward!

It was testimony meeting (when the members of the congregation bare their testimonies of Jesus, the church and the Gospel etc.) on Sunday at church. There were some pretty good ones, I liked.

We had a meeting at 8-9 at night and when we were leaving, I was still standing outside while Elder Anderson started to drive! Lol. I was making sure my seat was sit-able. Anyway, I saw that the ZLs had a package for me and it was from my brother, Daniel! Yes! I had a fun time opening that up after daily planning. We used Elder Heiner's IPad to do the planning and I didn't notice I didn't have my IPad until later... We asked the ZL to look for it in their truck and this morning they did. It wasn't there. They were picking us up anyway and we decided to go back to the church to check if it was there... We got there and Elder Bennet said that he saw it on the ground at that moment and that Elder Anderson should stop the truck as to not to crunch the IPad. It turns out it had been laying screen up for 13.5 hours in the cold with snow falling down... Yup. Luckily, it had not snowed that much at that moment. It was at 14%, though and we charged it up at the apartment as we were doing our shopping.

My iPad case covered in snow
Yay - it works!
Anyway, scripture study this morning was hard without the IPad. I am glad I have it in one piece and that it didn't crack or get destroyed. 

Anyway, have a good week and always think of the positive:) I know that Jesus is resurrected and that we can have hope due to His Atonement. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love y'all,
Elder Kloosterboer

Half a face
It rained super hard one day!
Our ward's goals concerning missionary work for each month
This license plate though!