Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 11: Internet Down

Elder Heiner's Birthday Party

Monday, February 1, 2016

I noticed I put down 2015 last week... Yeah still not used to writing down 2016 even though it is February now! Oh how time flies!  We did a lot of service last week, actually. On Monday, we had dinner at the Clarks and the dad asked if we could come earlier to do some service, so we did. It was actually pretty good. We were sawing boards and hammering nails into boards on the ground in the last room it needed it to be done in the house. It was super fun to use some power tools (small ones) and using some nice arm power to whack in some nails. Haha. We, also, did some service at a pre-thrift store place. It is called Home Sweet Home Ministries. They help the homeless and such, but in order to do that, they need some revenue for the food and shelter and utilities for the homeless and for paying the staff. That revenue comes from selling donations to thrift stores. So we sorted where things go. 

Elder Heiner turned 20 on Tuesday! He got lots of food and 3 cakes/pies! (Well I enjoyed some of that, too. :P) I have to say, "Banana Creme Pie is really nice! Yum!" 

The church's Internet didn't work on Friday. Right now, as of me writing this, it still does not work. They are trying to fix it today. Hopefully they fix it because we have a Family History Open House this Thursday at the church... On Fridays, we do our planning for the next week and we use the Internet to sync our devices for that. So, we did the parts where we didn't need Internet and the following day, on Saturday, we were checking up on an investigator and, near them, there is a McDonalds where we used the Internet to sync and such. The investigator there is one we do not easily get a hold of and we made an appointment for the next Saturday. So I am excited for that!

Anyway, my parents sent me some good stuff and a fixed belt buckle. I was using my companion's extra one for a while. So, now I have my own one again. :)

Oh and with the picture of the truck. The story behind that is this. As missionaries, on missions we have to back the car up, so, we like pull in spots. We pulled in the only pull in spot in the church and the Zone Leaders parked right in front of us, so that we would have to back up. Anyway, to get me back, we put a dumpster in front of their truck so that they would have to put it back or back up. (We didn't think that one all the way through, but it was funny.)

Also, on Thursday, the District Leaders and Zone Leaders went to a meeting with the Mission Department, so the other District Leader's companion became my companion for the day. We were inviting a lot of young single adults to come to institute (scripture study class) and found out a lot of people have moved because this is a college town haha.

Anyway, this week is going to be interesting because we have some lessons that could be the last lessons, at least for a while...

Anyway, love you all,

Elder Kloosterboer.

My name tags finally arrived

Heart stone from the Mission President's wife
because she couldn't give us a hug
We put a dumpster in front of the Zone Leaders' truck