Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 8: "Family History, I Am Doing It"

My first week in Normal, IL (December 8th 2015)

Monday, January 11, 2015

The title is from a song in the Children's Songbook. We have been listening to it a lot recently. They have such good tunes and good doctrine in them. It's so amazing how much doctrine is in them!

We had New Missionary Training on Tuesday. Elder Ashcraft is on his second transfer, and Elder Whipple and I are on our first. A missionary is "new" for his first 2 transfers, or 12 weeks. So, us 3 and our companions all went into Howie's van for the 2 hour trek to the meeting in Naperville. Howie is such a bad driver, LOL. He would pass someone and still have his right indicator on in the right lane. He also made a Utah truck driver scared on purpose hehe.

It was a good meeting and I got a free scarf! Just what I needed! That and dinner at Howie's and MCM (officially called Missionary Coordinating Meeting, now called Moo Cow Moo) were the things we did on Tuesday. Yup--meetings and food (and message after dinner).

We finally met Carie and Nathan! We were in the neighborhood and knocked on Carie's door and there she was with a cute kitten. It was a funny encounter. She said Nathan would be home about an hour and a quarter later, so we set up an appointment and voilĂ . They are a couple attending the local university here. They have had 3 lessons now, all with different elders haha (Spanish, the elders we replaced, and us). We had a good discussion.
We figured out Wednesday's at the same time works for them. However we already have an appointment next Wednesday, so it will be the one after that. 

There are a lot more blue events on our calendar. Blue is a good sign (they are teaching appointments). It's all very exciting!

We literally broke into the ZL apartment to get a device they needed. We had a meeting that day in Peoria and they were already in Morton, which is nearer. We had Avanti's after the meeting and it was sooo good! 

BTW, on that meeting on Tuesday, we talked a lot about Family History. We have talked about it a lot this week at dinners etc. We even talked about it in Elders Quorum, actually! 

It was freezing on the weekend. We, also, got stood up by an investigator, so we got to be outside for longer, that's ok, though. We met a former investigator on the street who has read the Book of Mormon, the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Yup.

We also walked for an hour in the cold wet wind in 9 degree Fahrenheit weather. It's more windy here than in Chicago, too. Yeah and in the summer, the wind goes away, so one just gets really sticky and hot.

We gave a family referral to the Spanish elders :). We help each other :D 

We shoveled driveways for service for some people in the ward and one lady caught us and gave us brownies. Today, she gave us a cake. What! So many nice people here.

Anyway, I know that families can be happy together forever and that family history work is very important and that ancestors are waiting for the work for them to be done. I know this is the only and true church of Jesus Christ and that only though this church and its priesthood holders, we can live with God again and our families. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love y'all,
Elder Kloosterboer
My MTC District at the Provo Temple

Elder Whipple, my MTC companion

Bird I got from a member on our Christmas tree

Bowling last week

Starting the second game off good

Howie and Sister Albrechtsen
Christmas Stocking
Elder Heiner with tortoise

Tortoise at Clarks

Big Wheels

Dead Squirrel

Triple Delta

Eating at Avanti's - we had gift cards

Book of Mormon Challenge. Look at all the reference names to Jesus on these pages

Quarters for future laundry loads

There are a lot of these signs around .....

We got the squirrels tail

Awesome cookie from a friend of Elder Ashcraft

A whole tin full!