Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 7: 2016

Bowling with the Zone
Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey everyone!

Wooohoo! It's 2016 and I'm 21 next year. So, I figured out I'll be coming back 2 days after my 21st birthday, on the 22nd of November. So my mission is for 2 years and 4 days. Another thing I realized this week was how the Book of Mormon is constructed and edited and how you can't just included every detail. In my journal, that I write in every day, I can't write every detail because I'll have an overload of journals at the end of my 2 year mission with too many insignificant details. The Book of Mormon goes over 1000 years of wars and spiritual information and God's dealings with people, so that would go well over 500 pages if they included insignificant information. So, when there are repeated words or phrases, it is important.

Anyway, the week was pretty awesome! I'll include some pictures that I forgot to include for last week's blog entry, by the way. 

A member invited us to Jason's Deli on Monday night and it was great! I didn't know they had free good ice cream there! She, the member, went on a mission to Switzerland, and she was telling us about her awesome experiences there.

We finally found a self referral. She has stomach flu, so we couldn't teach her, then, but she was going to the hospital. We saw her because we went to the sketchy part of town at night where there are drive by shootings and sketchy people. Actually this is where I got that picture with the big Jesus on the wall. But it was fine, we have a car Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other Monday. This was one of my the Mondays we had the car. We also got in contact with the mom of an investigator there too. It was a successful night.

On Tuesday, we helped the Spanish elders with cleaning the baptismal font and being there as extra men so that the girl being baptized could pick out a baptismal dress.

She was baptized the following night and confirmed on Sunday in our ward.

On Wednesday, we had district meeting and decided what, as a district we should fast for, and I went on exchanges with Elder Wells in Morton South Area. By the way, fasting is for specific purpose you want the lord to help you with and it includes mighty prayer and sacrifice (no food for a day).

Anyway, the exchange was great! I learned a lot. Also, they have a gym in their club house for their apartment... So the following morning, I worked out there. We did a lot of tracting together. Also there is a set of tracks where the lights don't work and where some missionaries nearly got tail ended with a train lol. Scary. Yeah Illinois is a bit sketch, but it's ok. Where we went, it felt a bit like England due to the small roads in the country side where you can go fast and snow was on the fields. Oh, and we had both phones for the exchange because I forgot to give ours back to Elder Heiner, so that was fun.

We had dinner at the Allens that night and mentioned the challenge the mission president gave us--to mark Jesus' names (including He and such), times when he speaks, and his attributes in other people all in the Book of Mormon. We have 3 months to do it (6 pages a day). Anyway, she wanted to do it so we talked more about it and gave her a fresh Book of Mormon to do it in. That was New Year's Eve.

We taught Rhyannon, her husband, and her friend. They were finally in their house and had a friend over. Rhyannon and Alyssa (the friend) said they wanted to go to church, but they didn't. No idea why. :( We will find out this week.

We taught Todd and Leann finally, as well. They are cool, but a little too forgetful unfortunately.
I got sunburned from all the walking on Saturday, but we had a gift card to Meatheads, so we ate there for lunch and the meat was so good. Yum! Expensive, though. 

Oh and I lost one of my name tags 2 Saturday's ago and I lost the other this Saturday. So, I don't have any official name tags right now. I should be getting 2 this week, though. 

Today, I went bowling in non-proselyting (non-church) clothes and I didn't have a name tag. Just a regular Mormon hanging out with the missionaries lol. We played air hockey and bowling. So much fun! 

Anyway, I know that when you do what the Lord wants, you gain blessings you have been promised. I know the church is true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love y'all,
Elder Kloosterboer

Scriptures and where they are from

My small name tag

table in the river

Yay I got a strike (vetaz)

76 is a common score
end of game 

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Ice on the window

Ice melting

nearly gone
Listening to the new Youth Music in the car

President and Sister Griffin's hands