Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 6: Christmas!

Monday, December 28, 2015

This was a great week! One family in our ward is going to Spain for 3 whole months! That's so crazy! I'm jelly. Haha. They are a cool family and one of the girls is a returned missionary. She helped us a bit in the message we shared, so that was good.

On Tuesday, December 22, we had pretty much an 8 hour Christmas party with the the 2 zones of Peoria. We had some spiritual feeding and physical feeding and emotional feeding lol. We watched some good birth of Christ inspiration video clips at first and then had some talks from the Mission president and his wife.

And, oh my goodness! Thank you everyone who shared their testimonies of Jesus and why you loved him to me via letters! They were great and I loved them! It was an emotional time haha. I was inundated in letters and, then, in packages. Haha.

We had a little talent show also. Our zone sang Silent Night. One of the best acts was from the Spanish Elders in our zone - the ones we share our car with. Their names are Elder Ashcraft and Elder Webster. They did a comedian act. They quoted movies but related to missionary work and made it really funny. The Mission President, President Griffin, was laughing so hard! Haha. They also joked about a new work translation of "Preach My Gospel" (a missionary manual). Haha.

We also went caroling outside in the cold at a mall. It was fun, but it was freezing. We gave some spiritual movies away and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had a great appointment with Linda Carroll (the inactive lady) again, but we had a returned missionary present. He bore a good testimony to her and how the gospel has helped his life. 

It hasn't snowed here, yet, but it has rained really hard and thundered. Today, actually, there was pretty much a monsoon of freezing rain.

I got to finish Pearl of Great Price (scriptures of deeper doctrine pretty much) and it was good. I love reading the scriptures, whether it is the Book of Mormon, the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants (more recent scripture) or the Pearl of Great Price. These are commonly known as the Standard Works. They help me understand the gospel more and get the spirit in my life more. It also guides my life a lot. 

I got to Skype my family for 2 hours on Christmas too! It was good, but it made me a little trunky (wanting to pack your bags and go home) for a while.

We had a great Christmas dinner with the Zone Leaders and Spanish elders at the Ringers. They are great people and they called our parents to see what we usually have on Christmas etc. Sister Ringer had her son on a mission so she knows the struggles of a mother with a son on her mission. It was a fun night and we sang and had lots of fun and did a puzzle and read the birth of Christ story. The Holy Ghost was strong there.

It was a great week. I testify that Jesus was really born and that he was a literal Son by the flesh of Heavenly Father and that he died only because he loves us and wants us all to be happy. I know that if you have faith in Him and His atonement and change to become like Him, you will experience true joy. 

I love you all, 

Have a great New Year, and make it the year you will remember for good,

Elder Kloosterboer
Next to the great I Am

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Bottle from the mission

Christmas packages

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Puzzling on Christmas Day

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Christmas Caroling at the Ringer's

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