Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 5: Choir

With our ward mission leader and his wife
Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey everyone!

It has been fun finally listening to music -- Christmas music and spiritual music. Being a missionary doesn't mean you just do work work work. We had a little birthday party on Monday with our mission ward leader. Elder Webster turned 20! 

We had a 2.5 hour time with a truth seeker and gave him a Book of Mormon, but he just is looking for intellectual stuff and not for faith, so it was kind of a waste of time. Hopefully he will read the Book of Mormon and gain faith on that.

No snow has arrived here yet. It is cold and windy though and I bundled up.

I went on my first companion exchange and it was with Elder Anderson. He is a zone leader and is in my district. It was a pretty good experience. We went out in the middle of nowhere to look for someone. We found his house, but he wasn't there. One of his friends was there, though. We had good practices for "12 week" which is a program for 12 weeks for new missionaries just to learn and go over things.

We got stockings from Howie and Sis. Albrechtsen. They are nice people! We (elders Heiner, Anderson, and Bennett) were in the choir. We only had 2 practices, but we weren't too bad haha.

Anyway, mission work is going good. Most people want us after New Years, so we can't do that much right now. We mostly tract at the moment, and we have gotten more potential investigators. Oh! We saw our inactive lady at Walmart today! She has been using the gospel app and has gotten good revelation about not listening to false prophets / preachers because she has been in contact with them. Anyway she is awesome. I'm excited for the new year since a lot of things will be moving on!

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he died for us and that he really was the Son of God in the flesh. I know that we can only be relieved of guilt and have real joy through him.

Have an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elder Kloosterboer 

Below are pictures from in the MTC. The last three are from in Normal. There was nice scenery and mountains on our flight over here. When we landed. fog was covering Chicago. It was like 200 feet up above and down (the clouds) it was cool going down in them but we didn't see any ground until we were on top of the airport.
Sister Brown's nametag in Elder Brush's hair lol

Elder Bischoff and his Companion

Elder Bischoff and me

Elder Brush and me

Elder Laws and me

Elder Peterson and me.

New missionaries arrive at the MTC

Yummy food

New buildings for the future in the MTC

More yummy food

Leaving my mark behind

Nice view from the temple

leaving the bus early in the morning on the way from MTC to mission field

The train

 time that the train started moving

Leaving the train
Sister Cid's camera of Sister Cid in cockpit
Sister Cid's camera of Sister Walton in the cockpit
Family History room in Normal
My mission president and his wife greeting us at the airport

With our Ward Mission Leader, Howie Albrechtson