Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 2/3: Schedule Changes

Sunday walk by the temple
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
Hey everyone!

So I've probably had 4 schedule changes haha. First it was 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then Thanksgiving, then p day got changed to Wednesday instead of Friday. So I'll be doing laundry today and on Saturday morning (instead of gym).

On Thanksgiving, the MTC did about 359,000 packets of lentil soup for children in need all over the world! In my group of 12 people including me, we contributed 19 boxes of 48 packets. We were really efficient (only had to do 12 boxes) and it was awesome. The children's lives will be so blessed!

Also, we had pumpkin pie, so that was nice! After the Thanksgiving devotional at night, the Christmas lights were on and it was so magical! :) Also, we watched 17 miracles! It was awesome and I cried a lot of times! haha:) 

At the MTC, we do a lot of role playing and our teachers act as investigators they taught on their missions. Also, we have a Training Resource Center where investigators (real or as themselves before) come to be taught. It is a really good exercise. We had Sarah as our teacher investigator and Reed as our TRC investigator. Elder Whipple and I had a hard time to apply the gospel to Sarah, but after much studying and prayer, we got her to progress and see how the gospel applies to her and how it can comfort her. Reed was really interested in religion and he had read biographies and such of Joseph Smith, so he was cool to teach.

I know that if you put the effort into finding out what is true, you will receive an answer.

For future missionaries: Missionary work is hard, but if you love the people and study and do all you can to help the people, God will help you and you will have fun! :)

I have so many pictures and pictures on other people's cameras, so some of them may come a week later...

This week (today at noon), we are getting two new districts for our zone (A and E). District D just left this morning to Fresno, CA and Eugene, OR. One of the Elders came in early due to flight arrangements. His name is Elder Reynolds. He is cool and is from Las Vegas. There are going to be 3 other elders and 4 other sisters in his district and there are 8 elders in the other district. 

We are going to the temple today again :) we get to go inside every p- day and walk around on Sundays. 

Love you all,

Have a great day and a great holiday season!

-Elder Kloosterboer.

Tree of Life
Sunday walk by the Temple
Funny face
Devotional seats up high in the gym
Thanksgiving dinner

I'm fat!

Watching 17 Miracles
Nice landscape between the Temple and the MTC

With the other missionaries

Provo Temple in the snow

District D

 E. Laws moved his mattress to the other room so that new missionary could sleep in our room

lol, kisses on the toilet :P

World Mission Map
Mission Map Americas

Mission Map North America

Mission Map of where Chicago West Mission is.

View from my bedroom

Preparing for new missionaries coming

Pudding day

Sister Hansen taking a selfie with my camera


They (in my zone) gave me two extra....